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A degree from Monash University Malaysia is your ticket to the Asian Century and the world. We’re all about teaching excellence, global thinking, community engagement, student support, and research that tackles world problems.

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A Monash degree will help you make a difference, whatever your plans. You could excel academically, like Monash’s top medical graduate Sukanya Bannerjee Nair, or let your imagination fly, like best-selling novelist Cinthia Koeksal. If you’re ready to get started, click on a button below or find out more about how to apply.

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Come join the talks and activities at Monash Open Days and roadshows held at locations across the nation. 

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If you need to relax, want a physical challenge or just make friends, the Monash University Student Association (MUSA) can fill your social calendar and put you in touch with some 40 clubs and societies.

Whatever your passions, you'll find lots to do and plenty of friends to do it with at Monash University Malaysia.

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Join our global community of students and have the time of your life in Bandar Sunway. With delicious food on every corner and beautiful villages, jungles and beaches in easy reach, you’ll love every minute of living in Malaysia, where international students are always welcome.

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