How to become a mentor/mentee

Both mentees and mentors need to register and complete the online form. (Note: If mentees have difficulty determining their mentoring objectives, they may contact the CMS Coordinator).

Matching of mentors and mentees

  • A list of mentors will be made available on the CMS website with links to their respective online/staff profile, which will provide information on mentors’ areas of interest and expertise as well as activities and roles within Monash Malaysia and externally
  • Prospective mentees should list in order of preference up to three mentors in their Mentoring Registration Form
  • The CMS Coordinator will process the matching of mentors and mentees, and seek endorsement from the scheme’s academic advisers. The finalisation of each prospective matching is with the final agreement/feedback from the prospective mentor-mentee pair
  • Attempts will be made to match the mentee with a mentor from the choices submitted. While every effort will be made to pair the mentee with a mentor from the mentee’s preference list, there may be circumstances when this is not possible
  • Mentees may wish to make contact with prospective mentors before finalising their preferred list of mentors and/or before committing to the match advised by the CMS Coordinator
  • Once a mentor-mentee pair is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to both parties and the mentoring relationship can commence

Mentoring agreement

It is important to agree on some basic principles and establish the purpose of the relationship at the initial meeting between the mentor and mentee. A clear statement of the expectations and goals for both parties will assist the relationship to produce the desired outcomes and assist with reviewing and evaluating the relationship. The frequency of mentor-mentee meetings, which is preferably decided at the start of the relationship, should be based on the mentee’s needs and the preference of both mentor and mentee. The Mentoring Agreement form, which must be completed by mentor and mentee at the start of the mentoring relationship and submitted to the CMS Coordinator, allows these goals and expectations to be clearly set out.

The length of a mentoring relationship is usually one year. The relationship can be extended or terminated at the end of the year. Provision is made in the Mentoring Agreement for year-end extension or termination. It is also possible for the mentoring relationship to be terminated before the one year term. A Mentoring Withdrawal form is available for this purpose.

Withdrawal from mentoring relationship

It should be clear that a mentoring relationship will eventually end when mentees have achieved their respective targets, when mentors stop providing satisfactory guidance, or when one or both parties find it in their interest to terminate the relationship. In such instances, it is possible for mentee or mentor to withdraw from the mentoring relationship either at the end of the one-year term or even before the normal one year term (on a no-fault basis). In these instances, it is advised that:

  • Mentors and mentees discuss this matter in advance among themselves in order to prevent hurt feelings or misunderstanding when the time comes
  • Mentors and mentees notify the CMS Coordinator using the Mentoring Agreement for year-end termination or the Mentoring Withdrawal form for early termination
  • Mentors and mentees request separate, confidential meetings between mentor/mentee with CMS Coordinator if necessary

Periodic Review and Evaluation of Campus Mentoring Scheme

Monash Malaysia will review the Campus Mentoring Scheme periodically in order to ensure that the CMS continues to fulfil its aims.