Q1:Who can I contact with enquiries about the scheme or the system?
A1:Please contact the scheme coordinator, Joanne Chan, joanne.chan@monash.edu
Q2:How do I sign up as a mentor / mentee?
A2:Mentors and Mentees need to complete an online sign-up form. Please click here
Q3: Who will inform my supervisor that I am participating in this scheme?
A3: It is the mentee’s responsibility to inform his/her supervisor
Q4: Is my information confidential?
A4: All information are treated as confidential for the purposes of this scheme.  However, there is no need to provide any information which you would not be happy for the scheme coordinator, potential mentor or mentee to know
Q5: Do I have to accept the mentor that I am matched with?
A5:Mentees and mentors are given the opportunity to consider a proposed mentor / mentee. The mentor / mentee can accept or decline the proposed match by clicking the relevant option in the proposed match email. Declined match will be rematched
Q6: What is the length of a mentoring relationship?
A6:The length of a mentoring relationship is usually one year. The relationship can be extended or terminated at the end of the year. Provision is made in the Mentoring Agreement for year-end extension or termination (Appendix B)
Q7: I need assistance with the objectives for a mentoring relationship?
A7:The role of the CMS Coordinator is to ensure the smooth running of the scheme. You may contact the scheme coordinator for support. Please see question 1 for contact details.
Q8: Why is there a need for a Mentoring Agreement?
A8:The suggested Mentoring Agreement will facilitate both mentor and mentee to agree on some basic principles and establish the purpose of the relationship.  The suggested agreement will provide a clear statement of the expectations and goals for both parties, which will assist the relationship to produce the desired outcomes and assist with reviewing and evaluating the relationship.
Q9: How frequent should the mentor-mentee meet?
A9:The frequency of mentor-mentee meetings, which is preferably decided at the start of the relationship, should be based on the mentee’s needs and the reference of both mentor and mentee.
Q10: What is the mentoring relationship is not working out, and I want a new mentor / mentee?
A10:Both parties are expected to discuss this matter among themselves, in order to prevent hurt feelings or misunderstanding when either parties wishes to withdraw the existing relationship. Complete the withdrawal form and email it to the scheme coordinator.  We can then return both to the pool of available members, and find a new potential match.  Separate confidential discussion with scheme coordinator, if necessary, is available.