Health, wellbeing and safety

As a busy student, maintaining your mental and physical health is essential. We offer a range of services  to help you manage campus life and your general wellbeing.

Counselling services

Student Services offer psychological counselling to help you through difficulties, dilemmas and anxieties, and make your Monash Malaysia experience a better one. The service also organises monthly lunchtime talks and open-house sessions on topics related to social and emotional needs.

Disability support

Student Wellbeing and Activities (SWA) is the official liaison office for students with a disability, medical or mental-health condition. They can assist with general advice and registration with the Disability Services (DS).

International students

International student advisers are located at the Student Services office. They can help with orientation and advice on topics related to health and wellbeing.

Religious and health facilities

Facilities on campus include religious spaces, and you’ll find many places of worship in the Bandar Sunway area, where our campus is located.

Our campus also has several medical, resting and parent spaces, and you’ll find many medical centres in the Bandar Sunway area to  take care of your health needs.

Sports and recreation

Our campus and the Bandar Sunway area offer many opportunities for sports and recreation with facilities that include swimming pools and playing fields.

Security services

Our security services work across campus to create a safe and secure environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values can develop and prosper.

You can call them anytime on the 24-hour emergency number +60 3 5514 6333 (ext. 46333 if calling from a campus phone).

Security advice

Campus security services provide advice on personal safety as a student, including walking around campus, using public transport, studying after hours and living at a Monash residence.

Lost property

Contact Campus security for information about lost property and the staff can explain our lost property processes.