Sequencing service 

Library Preparation 


- Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina)

- Custom amplicon for 16s metagenomics (v3-v4)

- ddRAD library preparation

- Microsatellite amplicon

- COI barcoding amplicon


- mRNA, poly-A enrichment → Adapter ligation

- Small RNA isolation → adapter ligation

Sample pre- and post- QC assessment

- Bioanalyser/Tapestation, RNA integrity (RIN)

- Bioanalyser/Tapestation, Low concentration DNA/RNA length measuring

- Qubit, quantitative fluorescence of DNA/RNA

- qPCR 


Bioinformatics Support

- Bacterial Genome Assembly

- Bacterial Genome Annotation

- Bacterial Genome NCBI submission and publication

- Transcriptome RPKM profiling

- sRNA profiling

- Mitochondrial Assembly

- Mitochondrial Annotation

- Mitochondrial NCBI submission and publication

- QIIME 16s metagenomics 


Focused Acoustic Shearing

Automated DNA fragmentation (100bp to 1,000 bp size range)



Due to the complexity, choices and variable sample nature/number of the NGS projects, we would provide pricing on a case by case basis and/or after consultation with the corresponding principle investigator and students.

Please contact Dr. Gan Han Ming at for detailed enquiries.