Library Preparation


- Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina)

- Custom amplicon for 16s metagenomics (v3-v4)

- ddRAD library preparation

- Microsatellite amplicon

- COI barcoding amplicon


- mRNA, poly-A enrichment → Adapter ligation

- Small RNA isolation → adapter ligation

Sample pre- and post- QC assessment

- Bioanalyser/Tapestation, RNA integrity (RIN)

- Bioanalyser/Tapestation, Low concentration DNA/RNA length measuring

- Qubit, quantitative fluorescence of DNA/RNA

- qPCR 

Bioinformatics Support

- Bacterial Genome Assembly

- Bacterial Genome Annotation

- Bacterial Genome NCBI submission and publication

- Transcriptome RPKM profiling

- sRNA profiling

- Mitochondrial Assembly

- Mitochondrial Annotation

- Mitochondrial NCBI submission and publication

- QIIME 16s metagenomics 

Focused Acoustic Shearing

Automated DNA fragmentation (100bp to 1,000 bp size range)


Due to the complexity of choices, nature and variable number of sample of each NGS project, we would provide pricing on a case-by-case basis by consulting with clients and their corresponding Principle Investigator.

Please contact Ms Lee Ying Peng at for detailed enquiries.