A 101 on feminism

Associate Professor Sharon Bong speaks on feminism and its perception during an interview session with Business Radio Station (BFM).

Dr Sharon Bong

Feminism is often associated with movements and ideologies that share a common goal - to seek equal opportunities for women in all aspects of life. Business Radio Station (BFM) recently kicked off a new series on Feminism which focuses on social issues surrounding women. Along with Dr Sharon Bong,  Associate  Professor  of Gender Studies at Monash University Malaysia, the first episode explores the concept of feminism and what it stands for.

Reiterating that the movement began when women started looking for justice for women, she states that certain misconceptions have led to feminism being seen as a negative movement by many. Dr Bong gives a crash course on feminism and discusses why it has become a dirty word to some. Listen to the full interview here!