Monash Malaysia's alumnus wins international award

Simplify, the brainchild of Monash Malaysia's alumnus, gains a spot in the world's 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2017.

Tay Yen Pei

Simplify, a peer-to-peer Internet sharing platform that empowers smartphone users to buy and sell mobile data, made Malaysia proud by gaining a spot as the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2017. The award was announced by Fast Company, a global leading progressive business media, in its annual ranking of the world’s most innovative companies list published yesterday.

“This achievement has been remarkable to us, given that we are a very young company. Our utmost gratitude goes to the Simplify user community worldwide. This win is definitely for you,” shares Simplify CEO and co-founder Yen Pei Tay.

The School of Information Technology Class of 2001 alumnus, shared that the less than a year-old application, which was launched on the Google Play store in August 2016, stands proud alongside global tech giants such as Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Google and Uber. This effectively makes it one  of the youngest companies to get the award.

Simplify wrestles the bargaining power back to consumers, creating great value for society. The Internet sharing idea was first formulated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where Tay attended the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

“I joined the bootcamp, to validate the concept of Wi-Fi sharing.  Building on the feedback from mentors and investors at the bootcamp, that is when Simplify really got a reboot - from a B2B model to a C2C business,” says Tay.

Since its inception, the Malaysian-based service has steadily built a sharing economy in the mobile broadband space, letting mobile users sell their unused mobile data at the price they set. For example while on an Uber ride, the driver shares his Simplify hotspot with you, charging on a pay-per-use  basis. This proves extremely useful while traveling abroad without a data plan, eliminating the need to buy a local SIM card.

“This is only our first step to reshape the telecommunications industry. The future holds tremendous promise for mobile connectivity and our team is currently exploring to launch Simplify internet drone to provide autonomous, self-organizing hotspot. Instead of chasing Wi-Fi signal, why can’t  we let Internet come to the people,” added Tay.


Simplify is a peer-to-peer Internet sharing platform founded in 2016 with the mission to “Redefine Mobile Internet”. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the technology that powers Simplify has been granted a US Patent.