Media Freedom and Security: The Shrinking Space

Event Name Media Freedom and Security: The Shrinking Space
Start Date 21st Apr 2017 10:00am
End Date 21st Apr 2017 11:15am
Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes

Peter Greste is an award-winning Australian freelance journalist. He has worked as a correspondent for the BBC, Reuters, CNN and Al-Jazeera covering issues affecting the Middle East, South America and Africa. This has included covering conflicts in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2013, while covering the Arab Spring in Egypt, Peter and his colleagues were arrested and charged with aiding a banned organisation (the Muslim Brotherhood); financing a banned organisation; and broadcasting false news. The court convicted Peter and his colleagues, and sentenced them to between seven and ten years of hard labour. In February 2015, Peter was deported on a special order of the Egyptian President - after spending 400 days in prison.

This is a rare opportunity as Peter shares anecdotes from his long career as a foreign correspondent. In his talk, he will outline the important role of media freedom in democratic societies and discuss the challenges and responsibilities that confront journalists today.