Acoustical engineering

Professor Anthony Guo Vibration, noise, ultrasound, NDT/SHM, piezoelectric transducers, smart materials and structures

Optical engineering

Dr Rajendran Parthiban Cost comparison of various optical network architectures, cost and energy calculations of future optical networks, security and localization in wireless sensor networks, cost-effective applications of radio frequency identification (RFID), pricing and resource allocation in grid computing

Process engineering

Dr Edwin Tan Chee Pin Linear matrix inequalities, robust fault reconstruction, fault tolerant control

Electrical and computer systems engineering

Dr Tin Win Optical raman amplifier, optical communications, lasers and applications, non-linear laser dynamics, electromagnetics, electronics
Dr Kuang Ye Chow Machine learning, signal processing, pattern recognition, applied statistics, test and measurement
Ms Vineetha Kalavally Modelling and characterisation of raman amplifiers
Dr Mark Ng Disturbance decoupling, fault reconstruction, fault tolerant, sliding mode observers, applications using iOS SDK
Dr Naing Win Oo Renewable energy, energy conservation, energy market, power system planning, operation and optimization, artificial intelligent methods
Dr N Ramakrishnan MEMS, surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors and devices, micro and nano resonant sensors, OLED, multiphysics simulation
Professor Joshua LW Li Electromagnetic theory (Dyadic Green’s functions and vector wave functions), radio wave propagation (wireless power transfer and charging, microwave power transmission, radio wave attenuation, waves in forests and waves in ionosphere), antenna theory, analysis and design (nano antennas, microstrip, loop, and reflector antennas), electromagnetic radiation and scattering (RCS, EMC/EMI, large-scale circuit designs), bio-electromagnetics (microwave biological interaction, specific absorption rate, DNA and human hazard, microwave breast cancer treatment), electromagnetic materials (nano-scaled composite and artificial materials, and metamaterials), computational electromagnetics (numerical techniques, fast algorithms, and EM fast solvers), nano electromagnetics (nano antennas, surface plasma, plasmonic, resonance, nano circuits)
Dr Low Sew Ming Electronics and instrumentation, lasers and applications, semiconductor manufacturing and test technology, robotics and signal processing, engineering education.
Dr Melanie Ooi Semiconductor manufacturing, test technologies and methodologies, image processing, instrumentation and measurement

Mechanical engineering

Robot kinematics and dynamics, bionic sensing, modeling and control, fluid and pneumatic system, AI and automation

Dr Kenny Tan Computational fluid dynamics, flow around bluff bodies, swirling flows, bio-fluid mechanics
Assoc Professor Ong Kok Seng Solar energy, heat pumps, heat pipes, thermoelectric
Ms Lim Jen Nee Jones Automatic control of aircraft lateral dynamics using non-linear energy-based control method, physics education, computer aided drafting
Mr Edwin YS Sim Vehicle safety, solid waste management system, environmental noise control
Dr Pooria Pasbakhsh Polymer nanocomposites for aerospace, automotive and electronic packaging applications, electrospinning, rubber composites, halloysite nanotubes
Ms Lau Ee Von 
Dr Darwin Gouwanda Wired/wireless instrumentation, signal processing, human motion analysis, fluid power system
Dr Hung Yew Mun Heat transfer, electronics cooling, heat pipe, transport in porous media
Dr Wang Xin Finite element analysis, nondestructive testing and measurement, optical measurement, computer vision
Dr Varghese Swamy Nanoscale materials (including ‘energy’ and ‘green’ materials such as photocatalytic TiO2 structures and photovoltaic Group 14 elements), advanced characterizations using synchrotron x-ray diffraction/scattering and spectroscopy: size, shape, and strain of nanomaterials, nanophysical and nanomechanical properties, P-V-T equations, phase transitions, in situ characterizations, materials under extreme conditions (stress/temperature/size/chemistry), sustainable processing of materials, computational modelling of materials (thermodynamic, atomistic, and first principles calculations)
Dr Foo Ji Jinn Thermal management, turbulent flow, biophysics of cell shape, cell mechanics, image processing
Professor S G Ponnambalam Modelling and simulation of manufacturing system, swarm robotics
Mr Khoo Boon How Motion tracking, machine vision, artificial intelligent, sports engineering, mechatronics and robotics systems, computer instrumentation
Dr Madhavan Shanmugavel Trajectory design, and control for UAS, hardware in the Loop (HIL) platform for UAS, cooperative trajectory planning in urban region, robot on wire, energy harvesting with smart device
Dr S Parasuraman
Dr Yogeswaran Swarm robotics, machine learning, manufacturing planning and scheduling, AI algorithms, optimization
Mr Veera Ragavan S Telematics, M2M, robot navigation, robotics software, mechatronic system design, embedded software development for automation and consumer electronics, software for factory automation, system integration for industrial automation and control engineering

Chemical engineering

Professor Michael Tam Magnetic nano-particles for protein purification, nano-structured systems from templating process, block copolymers and self assembly systems, enhanced drug delivery systems, atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and stimuli responsive polymeric systems, polymer-surfactant interactions, associative polymers for environmentally friendly coatings, temperature and pH-responsive microgel systems, rheological, calorimetric titration and light scattering techniques
Assoc Professor Chan Eng Seng Fabrication and characterization of spherical hydrogels as immobilization and adsorbent materials for applications in food and bioproducts processing, controlled-delivery of active materials, biofuel production, bioseparation, wastewater and water treatments
Ms Poovarasi Balan Corrosion science and engineering, sol-gel coatings and carbon nanotubes
Dr Estee Yong Fuel processing for fuel cell applications, catalytic reaction, nano particles, removal of H2S, membrane reactor
Dr R Nagasundara Ramanan Biomolecular engineering, fermentation, bioseparation, bioprocess modeling, interaction of biomolecules, process analytical technology, biological waste water treatment
Dr Poh Phaik Eong Wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, greywater treatment, anaerobic reactor design
Dr Edward Ooi Chien Wei Protein downstream processing, separation processes
Dr Babak Salamati Wastewater treatment, NCC, catalyst (homogeneous and heterogeneous), renewable energy, separation technologies
Dr Irene Chew Process integration for waste minimisation
Prof Tey Beng Ti Bioprocess engineering, bioseparation engineering, fermentation technology, animal cell culture technology, environmental biotechnology
Dr Chai Siang Piao Catalysis and reaction engineering, carbon nanotube synthesis and applications, carbon dioxide adsorption and utilization, membrane technology, natural gas processing technology, surface engineering
Dr Wu Ta Yeong Waste management, cleaner production, environmental biotechnology, bioprocess technology, food bioprocessing, industrial biotechnology, membrane technology, agricultural science and engineering
Dr Chong Meng Nan Synthesis of functional nanomaterials for environmental applications, predictive modelling for better engineered nanomaterials, application of advanced oxidation technologies for water/wastewater treatment, integrated urban water management, water sensitive urban design, decentralised water systems, source separation treatments, stormwater harvesting for urban reuse, stochastic risk assessment for alternative water sources, plumbed rainwater tanks, kinetic and mechanistic modelling for chemical and microbial attenuations under different environment conditions, quantification of GHG emission from wastewater treatment plants, low cost and innovative solid and wastewater abatement technologies
Dr K Nagendra Prasad Antioxidants, optimisation and extraction of bioactive compounds from fruits and food by-products, stability studies of bioactive compounds, high pressure extraction, food processing