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Professor Kenneth Kwing-Chin Lee Cost-effectiveness analysis, health economic policy, and health technology assessment
Professor Nathorn Chaiyakunapruk Health economics, Evidence-based medicine: systematic review/ meta-analysis/ network meta-analysis, pharmacoepidemiology/outcomes research,  and health policy and system research.
Associate Professor Dr Ong Chin Eng Drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics of drug-metabolising enzymes, currently examining the substrate and inhibitor profiles of important cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme isoforms and the genetic polymorphism of CYP isoforms and their involvement in drug-drug and drug-herb interactions.
Dr Alan Lee Yiu Wah Mechanisms that govern neuronal axon guidance and cell motility in the nervous systems during physiological and pathological conditions, the role of guidance molecules in neuronal and glial differentiation, in cancer progression and in CNS regeneration.
Dr Alice Chuah Lay Hong Cancer research and drug delivery using nanoparticles.
Dr Anton V Dolzhenko and Dr Anna V Dolzhenko Synthetic and structural aspects of the chemistry of nitrogen heterocycles and development of new synthetic methods for preparation of potentially bioactive compounds using green chemistry approaches, using alternative solvents and energy sources for green methods of organic compound transformations, particularly in the synthesis of biologically active compounds.
Mr Benny Efendie Pharmacy practice (integrating pharmacists in patient care), clinical pharmacy (evidence-based pharmacotherapy) and pharmacy education (outcome-based curriculum, problem-based learning, interprofessional education and assessment).
Dr David Wu Bin Chia Health economics, infectious disease modeling, statistical methods in outcomes research.
Dr Lee Chooi Yeng Currently focus on the development of new therapeutic agents to treat diet- and stress-induced obesity, and the absorption efficiency and bioavailability of these agents post-administration.
Dr Sabrina Anne Jacob Psychiatry, clinical pharmacy, patient counseling, adherence and attitudes and beliefs of patients.
Dr Saravanan Muniyandy Drug delivery, microencapsulation and carbohydrate polymers.
Dr Shaun Lee Wen Huey Broad research interest, ranging from metabolic to urological diseases.
Dr Syed Wasif Gillani Pharmacotherapeutic and pharmacovigillence outcomes research (endocrine metabolic disorders), pharmacy education (inferential learning for behavioral modification).
Mr Tahir Mehmood Khan Pharmaceutical care, drug use evaluation, infectious disease, social and behavioral medicine, pharmacy education.
Dr Tang Kim San Neurochemistry, in particular the mechanisms underlying brain-cell death in neurodegenerative diseases.
Dr Thet Thet Htar Drug design, organic synthesis and biological evaluation of antiviral and anticancer agents.
Dr Vivienne Mak Quality use of medicines in the wider community, with a focus on collaborative approaches to practice change, pharmacist as patient care practitioners, pharmacist workforce and pharmacy education.