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FAQs for international student attendance requirement


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Yes. It is mandatory for all international students to record their attendance.

Monash University Malaysia is required to provide your attendance record to the Ministry of Education, Malaysia periodically. The government has enforced strict rules where all international students must maintain a minimum attendance of 80% across all enrolled units as a condition for the annual renewal of the Student Pass.

You are advised to adhere to this attendance requirement failing which it may lead to the cancellation/non-renewal of your student pass and you having to return to your home country.

Yes, it is mandatory for you to record attendance. Only those with a Permanent Resident (MyPR) or Malaysian nationality card can be exempted from this requirement.

Students who missed classes due to medical reasons or any other reasons are required to provide a copy of valid supporting document/(s) to the relevant lecturer/tutor and request for their attendance to be recorded as 'Absent - Sick' or 'Absent - Others' in the system. Student will then submit the ORIGINAL document (medical certificate or any supporting document/(s)) to Course Management Office for their record and safe keeping.

Missing classes without producing medical certificates or relevant supporting documents will be considered as "Absent-no reason".

You could still have your attendance recorded. If you are unable to have your attendance recorded, please email to and provide your full name, Monash ID, date/time of class on the relevant unit code.

Yes, it is mandatory. This is to avoid any future difficulty that may arise, if and when you apply for another course at Monash Malaysia or another institution in Malaysia. Or in the event that you need to renew your Student Pass, as you are unable to pass all units and/or complete all course requirements in a timely manner due to unexpected circumstances such as failure to sit for examinations or undertaking intermission due to health or other reasons.

Attendance can be marked using the computers available in the computer labs and the library.

Please email to provide details of the classes such as name, Monash ID, date/time of class and the unit code.

Please check your attendance record in the attendance system regularly. Sometimes, it may take a few days for your attendance to be updated.

You are able to check your attendance record for the current and previous semester by using the attendance system.

Please inform your lecturer or tutor immediately. It is best that your lecturer/tutor be informed during the class.

The following are ways to avoid clashes:

  • Select different schedule for the lecture/tutorial/lab/class that has a timetable clash.
  • Change your units. You may need to seek advice from your Course Management Office.

If you have enrolled for an exchange program this semester, you are advised to withdraw from the units enrolled at Monash Malaysia, so that they will not be on the attendance system.

Please notify your Course Management Office (CMO) that you will be going on exchange for your records to be updated.

You must select from the available time slots for your tutorials. In the event that the tutorial slots available at that time clash with your other units

a) please consult your Course Management Office (CMO) to discuss about this; or

b) discuss with the lecturer/tutor whose class(es) you would like to be in; and

c) email to request for your name to be added to the attendance system, so that you could record your attendance.

Please check the census dates on the Monash website.  If you discontinue a unit after the stipulated deadline, attendance recording for that unit will continue in the system; and the unit will be reflected on your academic transcript as ’Withdrawn’ or 'Withdrawn – Fail’.

Please email to notify us on the discontinued unit and we will update the Attendance System accordingly.

Attendance for replacement classes would be recorded and taken into account when considering your overall attendance record. It is your responsibility to attend regular and replacement classes to maintain a minimum 80% attendance as a condition of your Student Pass.

The Course Management office (CMO) will notify via email if you FAILED to:

a) attend classes more than 3 consecutive days per week
b) your accumulated attendance is less then 80% attendance

You are required to meet the appointed School Staff for attendance counselling.