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Counselling Services cordially invites you to attend the following workshops:


Title:Life Skills Workshop - "Attitude of Success"
Date:25 Apr 2017 (Friday)
Time:12pm to 1.30pm
Venue:Room 9-3-04
Speaker:Ms Ai Jou Chua (Assistant Manager - Corporate Communication)

We all know that success takes hard work and doesn’t come overnight. More importantly, we are often told that we need to have the right attitude towards developing and achieving success and our goals in life. This session on “Attitude of Success” will share with you the best attitude you can develop towards success in any area of life that you choose.

Speaker profile:
Ai Jou Chuah is a marketing, communications and PR specialist with over 15 years of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, events and communications across various sectors. She currently works in corporate communications with a leading digital and imaging solutions company.

For registration, please log on HERE.

For more information, please contact Ms. Saw Imm at 03-5514 4981.

Students who attend at least 8 hours of workshops and/or talks organised by Counselling Services (excluding Mental Health First Aid training) within 12 months will receive a Certificate of Participation.

See you there!


Title:Mindful Creativity Workshop (MCW)
Date:16 Mar, 23 Mar, 30 Mar, 6 Apr and 13 Apr 2017 (Thursdays)
Time:12.00pm to 1.30pm
Frequency:5 sessions, 1.5 hours each (weekly over 5 weeks)
Venue:Room 6-2-07
Facilitator:Ms. Soon Saw Imm (Senior Counsellor, Monash University Malaysia)

This is a self-exploration workshop which will help you in understanding your feelings and reducing stress. It is an experiential program that focuses on learning basic skills on mindfulness and creative expressive art such as gentle inquiry, space-awareness, mindful drawing and painting. The workshop will be delivered through slides presentation, small group discussions and sharing.

* No previous drawing or meditation experience is necessary.

For registration, please log on HERE.  Registration closes on Tuesday, 14 March 2017.

For more information, please contact Saw Imm at 03-5514 4981.

Students who attend at least 8 hours of workshops and/or talks organised by Counselling Services (excluding Mental Health First Aid training) within 12 months will receive a Certificate of Participation


Title:Emotional Intelligence and Group Dynamics, part 1 & part 2
Dates:5 & 6 April 2017 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time:5.00– 6.30 p.m.
Venue:Room 9-6- 08 (Exam Hall)
Presenter:Ms Carole Chung, Senior Counsellor


This is a fun and interactive workshop in which students learn the meaning of “Emotional Intelligence”, as well as find out their own personality profile. They will gain a better idea of their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and learn to use this knowledge to facilitate their own group dynamics, i.e. display emotional intelligence. Students will have greater awareness of some of the pitfalls and barriers to effective group work, and how to avoid them, and will be taught some ‘tools’ to enable them to work together more effectively in a team.

Target Group

Any individual who would like to learn more about his or her own personality type and work style. Especially useful for work groups or friendship groups to attend as a unit to understand one another better, improve group dynamics and group/friendship ties.

If you are interested and committed to attending BOTH part 1 & 2, please register here:

Note: Participation is limited to 40 pax.


Title:Mental Health First Aid Training
Date:18 & 25 Mar 2017 (Saturdays)
Time:10.00pm to 5pm
Venue:Room 6-2-06
Trainer:Ms. Na Mui Gee

This training program covers the various types of mental illness and teaches participants a practical approach to provide initial help to those who are in need, until professional help becomes available.

Feedback received from staff and students at Monash indicates that people who are trained feel more confident to communicate with those affected by mental health problems, as well as to assist and to encourage them to seek professional help.

The program will be conducted in the form of a workshop, which focuses on active participation from members and involves experiential activities, case scenarios, role plays, and group discussions.

As a MHFAider you have the opportunity to complete an online Accreditation Assessment in order to become an accredited MHFAider for 3 years.

If you pass the Accreditation Assessment, you will be issued a digital PDF Certificate of Accreditation by MHFA Australia. If you are unsuccessful in the Accreditation Assessment, you will receive a digital PDF Certificate of Completion.

For further information on MHFA, please log on to the following websites:

About the trainer:

The MHFA program will be conducted by Ms Na Mui Gee, who is an accredited MHFA instructor by Orygen Research Centre, University of Melbourne (Australia). Mui Gee is also the Head of Health and Wellness Services at Monash University Malaysia.


The training accommodates up to 20 participants. Registration will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register here by 14 Mar 2017, 5pm.


Title:It’s a GOAL!! (A Workshop on Goal Setting and Attainment)
Dates:15 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Time:12.00 noon - 1.30 p.m.
Venue:Room 6-2-16
Presenter:Ms Joyce Lee Lai Kheng
 (Registered Counsellor; Certified Executive Leadership and Personal Development Coach)

GOAL. A word that is common to all. It motivates and guides our actions towards achieving it. Some say it is important to set goals at the beginning of the year, new semester or an event, but some simply do not.

There are many reasons why some do not think setting goals is important: some say...goals are only for show...they’re difficult to monitor...they will never be achieved, so it’s a waste of time...Sound familiar? What’s your excuse?

Do you know the difference between setting goals and goal setting? Do you want tips on how to attain your goals?

If you do, come and join us in this coming workshop, and you will learn:-

  • Basics of goal setting
  • Goal attainment "recipe"
  • Goal setting and commitment exercise

Target Group
Any individual who would like to learn to effectively set and attain his or her own goals, whether academic, career or personal.

If you are interested and committed to attending, please register by sending me an e-mail: with the subject "Goal Setting and Attainment".  Please include your full name, Monash ID & Monash e-mail address.

For more information, please contact Ms Carole Chung via e-mail: