University Student Ombudsman

University Student Ombudsman

If you're unhappy with the result of a formal complaint to your Faculty or an administrative area, you can refer your complaint to the University Ombudsman.

University Student Ombudsman's investigation

The complaint process with the University Student Ombudsman involves the following steps.

  1. You lodge a complaint with Ombudsman (after going through a formal complaints process with your faculty, the relevant service area, or the Graduate School of Research)
  2. The Ombudsman makes informal enquiries to decide if an investigation is needed
  3. If the Ombudsman investigates, they will eventually:
    • make recommendations for the resolution of the grievance to University Provost
    • dismiss your complaint.

University Student Ombudsman's authority 

The University Student Ombudsman can:

  • talk to University staff
  • inspect documents
  • get independent legal advice
  • recommend changes to university practices to prevent similar complaints.

The University Student Ombudsman reports to University Council each year on student complaints and the effectiveness of the relevant complaints policies and procedures.