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Dell Technologies helps Monash University enhance its R&D capabilities with HPC and AI solutions

Dell Technologies elevates Monash University’s R&D potential with HPC and AI solutions

Dell Technologies Helps Monash University Malaysia Enhance Its R&D Capabilities with HPC and AI Solutions

TECH: Tackling AI's dark side

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically altered our lifestyle for the better, be it at work, school or play. But as AI gets 'menial' tasks done with ridiculous ease, bad actors see it as a means to develop malicious bots for financial gain.
Due to AI's major contribution to society, industry stakeholders need to have a good understanding of it and cybersecurity, and their correlation.
Professor Raphael Phan explains how these two elements can coincide in varying interactions. “Bad actors exploiting AI has been customary ever since computers were commonly used in day-to-day tasks. And with AI capabilities, malicious bots have human-like intelligence and can surpass what their designers programmed them to do," he said.