MBIS graduates are highly promising

  • Forbes (2013) – The best master’s degree for jobs now is – Information Systems 
  • Singapore Salary Survey (2013) –  Full Time Permanent Employability and Top 10 High Paying Jobs
  • NACE Salary Survey (2013) – Highest Paying Position for a Master’s Degree  - Computer and Information Managers
  • Top Paying Certifications (2014) – CRISC, PMP, ITILv3, ITIL Expert 

Since IT is part of everything we do/work, MBIS is a unique program that is suitable for students with previous qualifications in any discipline. You will gain an understanding of business information systems to a level of depth and sophistication consistent with senior professional practice. MBIS graduate with a competitive edge will be expected to play leading professional roles in their field, locally and overseas. The highly flexible course opens up a variety of career opportunities, such as but not limited to:

  • Business information systems and management
  • Data science and data mining
  • Business intelligence and knowledge management
  • IT governance and software development methodologies
  • Research for mobile apps, wearable technologies, image processing, intelligent health, robotic and data science;or
  • Practical industrial upskilling with leading companies or NGOs.

Course structure and further information on the MBIS is available on our website.