Industry Insight Program

The Industry Insight Program provides an opportunity for our highly motivated students to broaden their perspectives on the IT industry, enhance their marketability, and build the necessary mindset to transition from student to professional.

The School of Information Technology aims to ‚ offer to our Sunway Campus students a well-rounded education experience in Information Technology. This program provides an opportunity for you to gain a better insight into the IT industry. We are seeking to provide you with opportunities to enrich your academic learning, and:

  1. Learn about emerging industry trends in Information Technology
  2. Gain a better understanding of what industry expects from IT graduates
  3. Discover the variety and scope of careers in IT
  4. Build industry contacts via networking opportunities
  5. Enhance your marketability

We have assembled a set of core and optional activities to help you achieve these goals.


  1. Industry Talks by invited industry guests
  2. Career Talks and Panel Discussions with invited industry guests


  1. Events & Seminars jointly organised by the School of IT and industry partners or professional bodies
  2. Industry Competitions organised by industry partners
  3. Vacation Placements
  4. Professional Certifications