Workshop and Fireside Chat:

Entrepreneur Talk and Workshop

Montclair State University Annual Initiative

Workshop and Fireside Chat: #womeninspireswomen

This event was an opportunity to engage the community of Monash professional staff to appreciate and address contemporary societal issues as well as to foster learning and inquisitiveness to Innovative Social Enterprises in Malaysia.

eiHub invited the founder of Batik Boutique, Amy Blair, to a Fireside chat session plus a hands-on Batik workshop in support of Batik Boutique’s vision to provide sustainable skills training and jobs to women from low-income backgrounds in Malaysia.

Amy Blair shared her journey and experiences as an entrepreneur as well as provide insights to her resilience, passion, and creativity to go beyond conventional business practices on her quest to create a successful social enterprise.

This event was also part of our support to Montclair State University’s annual initiative on celebrating Women Entrepreneurship Week (WEW).

The participants were able to understand the journey, experiences and challenges of a social entrepreneur in Malaysia.

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