Meet-&-Greet with social entrepreneur webinar series - 3

Title: Human right issues of migrant domestic workers – Is social entrepreneurship the right model?

Date: 1 Sept 2020

Time: 4-4.50pm

Speaker: Zenna Law, Co-Founder & CEO of Pinkcollar

Moderator: Dr Wee Chan Au (Lecturer, Department of Management; eiHub ambassador)

Speaker Profile: Zenna is Co-Founder and CEO of Pinkcollar, a social business and professional employment agency to hire migrant domestic workers with ethical sourcing and hiring practices. She graduated from University College London with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Politics and East European Studies. Between 2016-2018, she has worked at the Russian International Affairs Council in Moscow, the Malaysian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, the youth arm of British Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs in London and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network remotely. As a social entrepreneur, she won the 2017 World Bank Youth Summit Pitch Competition and 2017 Techstars Startup Women's Weekend for pitching Pinkcollar. In 2018, she was also a Top 30 finalist in the Singapore International Foundation's Young Social Entrepreneurs Program and the Khazanah National Entrepreneurship Outreach Program.

Synopsis: Zenna started the session with her experiences in making the decision on the current social entrepreneurship model (an ethical employment agency) in tackling the human right issues of migrant domestic workers in Malaysia. She shared resources, practicality, and having the interest of target beneficiaries as the top priority are some of the considerations she had when exploring and deciding between different potential solutions in addressing abusive working conditions of migrant domestic workers in Malaysia. Finally, Zenna highlighted the needs to have thorough strategic planning, but remained flexible and up-to-date with emerging issues from time to time, in order to stay relevant.

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