Meet-&-Greet with social entrepreneur webinar series - 5

Title: Volunteer engagement in social initiatives

Date: 15 Sept 2020

Time: 4 – 4.30 pm

Speaker: Sue Yen, Tay, Co-founder and Executive Director of MYReaders.

Moderator: Dr Wee Chan Au (Lecturer, Department of Management; eiHub ambassador)

Speaker Profile: Sue Yen co-founded MYReaders while she was a teacher under the Teach for Malaysia fellowship. She finds joy in empowering communities and schools that run literacy programs for the under-privileged. Sue Yen has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from UUM, as well as a BS(Hons) Biology and a BA Health: Science, Society and Policy from Brandeis University.

Webinar Synopsis: Sue Yen shared with the webinar’s participants about her experience with her colleagues to change their project into a serious social enterprise upon the completion of their fellowship with Teach for Malaysia. She then highlighted about the role of volunteers, as alternate human resources, in addition to paid employees to help MYReaders in achieving the social mission of “One day, every child in Malaysia will be able to read”. Sue Yen also shared in greater details about the whole volunteer engagement procedure; she also pinpointed the tips to not only attract but also retaining volunteers for a longer term.

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