Qualitaive Data Analysis Technique with NVIVO

Date: 24 - 25 September 2020 
Time: Full day
Venue: TBA

Qualitative Data Analysis Techniques using the NEW NVIVO for Windows - Hands-on Online Workshop; is a two (2) day workshop from 24-25 September 2020 and is organized by Econometrics and Business Statistics Department.

Speaker’s Profile

Dr. Magiswary Dorasamy, an academic and an active researcher in Multimedia University (MMU), has conducted various trainings on qualitative research software tools and methods especially on NVivo. Clients and participants who have attended her NVIVO hands-on training include Government officers (MQA, MIMOS, KKM and INTAN, InQA) and Academicians (TSM India, UTAR, UTEM, UiTM, USM, UM, MMU, Taylors, Nottingham Univ., Sunway Univ., UKM, UTM, UMP, UUM, UPSI, HELP, UTP, APU,
UniKL, UCTS and Loughborough University, UK.). Besides NVivo hands-on training, she conducts trainings on IT and innovation, women and economy, and IT for business growth. Clients who have benefitted from these trainings are government officials from Bangladesh, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, and students from Japan. She is a HRDF certified trainer in Malaysia. She has completed her PhD using a qualitative research method using Action Research. Her areas of research interest are Information System success factors, knowledge management systems for disaster, action research and qualitative research methods. To date, she has had a distinguished corporate and academia career spanning over 23 years.

Course Overview

The workshop aims to give hands-on experience to data analyst, qualitative researchers, academics and practitioners to analyse qualitative content and any unstructured data using the New NVivo software (2020). This program will enhance participants’ capabilities to conduct qualitative research and interpret the outcomes of the research with rigor and relevance. In this workshop Dr. Magis will also discuss the tools in Nvivo to analyze unstructured data such as interviews, images, videos, pdf content, audio and social media content such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. She will review various qualitative data and ways of analyzing qualitative data. She will spend some time discussing the papers published in high-tiered academic journals that has applied NVivo software along with various content analysis methods. During the workshop there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Everyone will be expected to participate in practical exercises.