Doctoral Colloquium 2021

28 October 2021

The Doctoral Colloquium 2021 aims to provide a platform for Graduate Research scholars and Research Pathways students a forum to report their research in progress and to enhance the quality of their research output by engaging in discussion with other researchers and peers.

Nailing Grants, Papers, Prizes, and Awards

26 October 2021

This workshop is dedicated to the “how” of successful reader engagement, and translates interpersonal rapport-building techniques into the realm of academic writing. Through guidance from Christina Majoinen, Mind Your Way, participants acquired a holistic understanding of the function of texts, which deliver content by building a successful relationship with the reader. Apart from that, she provided insights as to how to structure any written text according to a four-step superstructure that ensures a clear problem set-up at the start, how to create a compelling "Why" in the introduction to any text and also how to apply “Milton Hand” tool.

Engaging Industry for Impactful Teaching and Research Series - Creative Ways to Capture and Analyze your Data

12 October 2021

Professor Neale O’Connor talked about working with industry data and building upon our last webinar in which he introduced some wild approaches to engaging industry and capturing data.

It’s All About the Problem

1 October 2021

Professor Nicholson discussed with the researchers from School of Business on the issue of identifying the research problem in order to improve grant applications and increase success, for competitive funding and industry-based funding.

Qualitative Analysis Research Workshop Using NVivo

22 & 24 September 2021

NVivo is a software that supports qualitative research and it can be used for managing various kinds of qualitative data (focus groups, field notes, interviews, case studies,

content analyses, audio, video etc). Dr. Ng Lee Luan facilitated the training sessions where participants will learn how a tool like NVivo helps researchers understand their data, linking conceptual understanding of qualitative research practice with practical processes of using NVivo. She talked about how to set up a project and data records to make the most of NVivo. She explored the use of the selected functions within NVivo that help researchers synthesize their knowledge.

Star-Studded Panel Dissect Budget 2022

22 November 2021

The annual tabling of the budget is one of the most anticipated events of the year, marked by widespread coverage of the media and receiving the attention of the ordinary person on the street who is eager to know what’s in it for him. The budget sets out how the Finance Ministry of Malaysia plans to spend its money for the nation in the next calendar year and lays out plans to generate revenues in the form of taxes.

In conjunction with the tabling of Budget 2022 by Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Monash University Malaysia held its annual seminar on 18 November 2021. Titled Monash Tax Webinar: Budget 2022, the conference which took place virtually brought together some of the brightest minds from the fields of finance, economy, and accounting to pore over the details of the budget for the benefit of the masses.

Growing the Next Generation of Marketers

8 November 2021

n support of the emerging Electronic Sports (Esports) development in Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia, in collaboration with Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, held a marketing strategy development contest to help foster a connection between Esports and career readiness. Students involved in the project were tasked with developing comprehensive marketing strategies for the mobile gaming accessories market in Malaysia. No small feat!

Mr Kenneth Wong, the Senior Global Digital Marketing Manager at Razer who made the collaboration possible says, "Esports is changing the very world we live in, so it's important that we are setting millennials and Gen Z up with the tools they need to continuously propel the industry forward. Gaming in its traditional sense has always been seen as the antithesis of academia, so it's exciting to see Monash University taking a positive step in empowering students with the kind of real-life industry experience they need to be ready to join the workforce. It's exciting to be part of this paradigm shift, and to see how the students combine critical thinking with their marketing prowess to tackle an actual brief is very motivating!"

Pitfalls in Ethics Application

17 September 2021

Dr. Souheir Houssami covered the topic of pitfalls in ethics application where it includes when ethics approval is required, preparing a good application and mistakes to avoid as well as responding to comments raised by the reviewers.

Securing and Managing Grants: The Basics

14 September 2021

Beyond meeting the requirements of the funding body, writing a successful grant proposal requires active engagement with multiple stakeholders during the process. In this sharing, Dr. Au Wee Chan shared about her personal journey in securing and managing grants. This may be relevant for colleagues, especially early career researchers, who are about to start writing your first grant proposals.

Navigating Privacy Concerns Through Societal Benefits: A Case of Digital Contact Tracing Applications

27 August 2021

Emergence of digital contact tracing (DCT) has amplified concerns over privacy issues as consumers are confronted with an ethical dilemma that rests on the intersection of serving public and private interests. In this workshop, using the Social Exchange Theory, Dr. Aqilah Jahari discussed about the study in which investigates the extent to which consumers’ perceived social benefits mediate the relationship between privacy concerns and the intention to use DCT applications. She concluded the session with suggestions for practitioners and policymakers on plausible strategies to encourage the adoption of DCT applications.

Research Funding Opportunities

25 August 2021

Associate Professor Foo Yee Boon discussed two research funding opportunities in this session which includes Research Grant program from Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange and Wellcome Grant Funding Schemes. The session mainly aims to raise awareness of potential research funding opportunities with SOB researchers as an initiative to increase research funding applications by academic staff from the School of Business.

World Humanitarian Day 2021

23 August 2021

We celebrated World Humanitarian Day (WHD) on 20 August 2021. A signature event by the School of Business Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) platform, this year's event was significant considering the diversity of challenges facing humanity at this time. The theme for WHD 2021 was "Human Race", which focuses on taking up global action to combat climate change while standing in solidarity with vulnerable populations around the world.

Research Frontiers in International Business and Management: Relevance and Impact

20 August 2021

Professor Fang Lee Cooke talked about some of the latest developments in the international business and management (IB&M) field and research opportunities for Asian scholars. She discussed the importance of engaging in research that is practice/phenomenon-driven in order to be more relevant to policy and practice. She also discussed opportunities and roles of (IB&M) researchers in general and Asian management scholars more specifically in conducting research and debate on IB&M issues at the global stage to create impact.

Researchers Investigate Vaccine Hesitancy Among Malaysians

12 August 2021

Researchers from Monash University Malaysia, Sunway University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Ipsos Malaysia collaborated to assess people's intention to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Malaysia. The research was also conducted to understand the differences in the drivers of vaccination intention across different demographic groups.

Data Influency Fluency with R

6 July 2021

R is rapidly becoming the leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the tool of choice for data professionals in every industry and field. Hence, Dr Jason Ng conducted the Data Fluency with R workshop with the aim to help participants become fluent in working with data using the R statistical software, subsequently building their quantitative skillsets. The workshop comprises 3 modules: Introduction to R, Data Manipulation with dplyr and (gg)Plot Your Data! Each of these modules build on the preceding one.

From Higher Education to Employment Skills for Refugee Youth Amongst the Youth

16 June 2021

World Refugee Day is a day that we pay tribute to the resilience and determination of millions of refugees worldwide. The enormity of the world refugee crisis is difficult to grasp, but raising awareness on even just one issue can help make it easier for others to understand the extent of what refugees around the world are going through.

Fostering Good Corporate Governance Amongst the Youth

28 May 2021

Monash University Malaysia formalised a collaboration agreement with Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to promote early understanding of corporate governance principles and practices. This collaboration is a significant development in the implementation of SC’s strategic priority to embed good corporate governance amongst the youth.

A partnership to promote women’s equality and empowerment

12 April 2021

Monash University Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM). Associate Professor Grace Hooi Yean Lee (Head of the Department of Economics) stated that her team would be working closely with AIM to develop a business entrepreneurship training program tailored to rural communities. The team will measure the program's effectiveness as findings will have important implications for entrepreneurship research, microfinance practitioners, and policymakers working toward women's empowerment.

How to engage industry for impactful research (and teaching)?

26 March 2021

Professor Neale O’Connor talked about how to engage industry for impactful research and teaching. He discussed about what is industry looking for in terms of research and helped participants to understand about bottom-up and top-down type of research through various examples. In this workshop, he also explored the challenges of working with industry data

Artificial Intelligence with Applications in Finance

22 January 2021

Associate Professor Manjeevan Singh Seera presented an introduction to the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the paper published by Turing in 1950 as a start. What is AI will be discussed, with focus on systems that act like humans. Concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning will be touched as part of machine learning. Examples of machine learning applications in the financial industry will be given. This will be followed with a case study on Default of Credit Cards