An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumers' Perceived Wellbeing

22 September 2022

The digital transformation has increased the amount of time consumers spend on social media while interacting with social media influencers (SMIS). SMls are defined as consumers who act as third-party endorsers to shape attitudes and promote brands to their followers on their social media account. Previous research has focused on the effectiveness of brands using SMls as part of their digital strategies, however, little research has investigated how following SMls impacts consumers' well-being. In this workshop, Dr Aqilah Jahari covered this research which investigates how following SMls impacts' consumers' perceived well-being. Using social comparison theory and stimulus-organism-response (SOR) theory, she explored an integrated model to investigate how social comparison can impact consumers' feelings, moderated by the sense of agency. Implications for marketing managers and policymakers are discussed.

Promotion Application - how to put your research output into narrative

8  September 2022

Dr. Lee Mei Yee and Dr. Ewe Soo Yeong spoke about tips on preparing a successful application for promotion, with a focus on research and engagement.

Topics and Trends in Service Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Realities in Tourism: A Text-Mining Approach

29 August 2022

Using text-based machine learning algorithms, Dr Harriman Samuel Saragih covered the subjects and related topical trends of the applications of service robots, AI, and realities - such as mediated reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, or multi-mediated reality - in the context of tourism. In this study, the t-distributed stochastic neighbor modeling is used to depict the topic dispersion in low-dimensional space. This study also detects trends for all themes using a five-year regression analysis on the published literature.

Human Research Ethics Applications

10 August 2022

In this workshop, Dr. Souheir Houssami talked about when ethics approval is required, preparing a good application and mistakes to avoid as well as responding to comments raised by the reviewers.

Monash Business School top 3 in Malaysia

10 August 2022

Monash University Malaysia's Business School is among the top 3 in Malaysia and ranked 11 in ASEAN, according to the latest data released by RePEC.

Monash co-hosts the PRME World Tour ASEAN Workshop 2022

10 August 2022

The paper development workshop is an innovative approach to support academics in their research publishing journey.

A collaboration to empower women microentrepreneurs

8 August 2022

Monash University Malaysia in collaboration with Amanah Ikhtiar  Malaysia (AIM), developed a tailor-made training curriculum that meets the current needs and challenges of women microentrepreneurs.

A joint effort to prepare students for a career in analytics

4 August 2022

Monash University Malaysia signs MoU with SAS Institute Inc. to provide students with a SAS Academic Specialisation digital badge.

Partnering with the heart of Malaysia's financial ecosystem

8 July 2022

Monash University Malaysia signs MoU with CTOS to advance research into the nation's credit health.

Working together to train and develop SMEs

7 July 2022

Monash University Malaysia signs an MoU with SME Association of Malaysia to work together in the training and development of micro and small to medium industries.

Startup Resources, Capabilities and the Constraint Theory of Innovation

30 June 2022

The last few decades have witnessed a surge of public and private initiatives to improve the odds of startup success. Captivated by the almost mythical success of Silicon Valley, governments worldwide have flooded their entrepreneurial ecosystem with vast resources to engineer their own startup success stories – the next Google, SpaceX, and Netflix. Hence, in this workshop, Nazirul Hazim discussed the complex relationships between startup resources, innovation, and growth, mediated by its dynamic capabilities and moderated by its environmental dynamism. He also added on the theoretical and practical implications for startup organisations and policymakers to leverage the interplay between resource constraints and dynamic capabilities development for startup innovation and growth.

G2022: 3 Minutes Thesis

10 June 2022

3 Minutes Thesis is an exciting competition for current graduate research students from Monash Australia and Monash Malaysia, who deliver an oral presentation/video link about their research to a non-specialist audience. In this workshop, three speakers namely Md Iltemas Amin Adee (The political impact of Refugees on Host Countries: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Germany), Liew Yit Wey (Rail Stations to Development: Evidence from Colonial Malaya) and Lourdes Loh Ye Shing (Pharmaceutical Pricing Regulation, why does it matter?) presented their respective topics in 3 minutes.

Green Infrastructure and Air Pollution: Evidence from Highways Connecting Two Megacities in China

25 May 2022

Following market liberalisation, the vehicle population in China has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Hence, Dr Trang My Tran discussed about the paper where it examines the causal impact of the opening of a heavily used high speed rail line connecting two megacities in China in 2015, Chengdu and Chongqing, on air pollution.

Monash University Malaysia Welcomed into CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

18 May 2022

Students of Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Major of Banking and Financial Management) are taking steps to career success  through preparation for the CFA program.

Monash University Malaysia partners with CMT Association

3 March 2022

The School of Business partnership with  Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Association illustrates an innovative solution to the growing demand for student education and career preparedness.