Dr Eugene
Siew Eu Gene, Dr
Head of the Accounting Department

Accounting is the largest department in the School of Business. The department is committed to quality teaching and research. It has been producing graduates who are competent, skilled, and sought after by prospective employers. It offers the prestigious Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree with the option of majoring in Accountancy and other disciplines including Finance, Business Analytics, Economics, Management, and Marketing. Students who do exceptionally well in their bachelor’s degree have the option of completing the degree at Honours level.

Recommendation: Double Major & Major/Minor in Accountancy and Business Analytics.

Given the choice of majors and minors, it can be a daunting task to figure out what to study with the Accountancy major. For this reason, we have consulted with industry leaders throughout the region and found that the double major of Accountancy and Business Analytics or the Accountancy major and minor in Business Analytics are best suited for the demands of the profession.


Big 4/5 accounting firms want students with an accountancy major that allows them to seek professional status across all professional bodies. Industry employers want graduates who have an accounting mind as well as the analytics sense to help discover, make sense of the data (big data), and to be able to report on what it means for sales, operations, and planning activities (S&OP).


Future-fit accountants must be equipped with business analytics knowledge, with the advance of cloud computing, AI and big data which are impacting the competitiveness of all industries, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19. At the same time, students would like to ensure that their accountancy-major degree obtained the maximum allowable exemptions for all the major professional accountancy exams such as ICAEW, MICPA-CAANZ, ACCA, CIMA, CPA Australia.

Currently, the department has more than 400 students served by a team of qualified academic staff. Most academics have industrial experience especially in the areas of Global Supply Chains, Auditing and Manufacturing. The department conducts research in the following areas:

  • Environmental Social Governance Reporting
  • Sustainability Strategy and Performance
  • Performance Measurement and Knowledge Management
  • Green Intellectual Capital and Environmental Accounting
  • Governance of Global Supply Chains
  • Accounting and IT in the Organization
  • Social and Islamic Accounting
  • Earnings Management, Policy Choice, and Voluntary Disclosure
  • Corporate Governance and Financial Performance

Numerous books and journal articles have been published by the staff of the department.