Dr Ananda Rao Samudhram


Department of Accounting

603 5514 6185
Room 6-5-107


Dr. Ananda Samudhram joined Monash University fulltime in 2007. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Malaya. He also holds a Master of Accountancy degree from Western Illinois University, USA and a PhD from Monash University. He has worked as a corporate accountant in a Fortune 500 company in the US and in Malaysia and is a fellow member of the Georgia Society of CPAs (USA). He has served at several academic institutions of higher learning. He also wrote a column on business and technology for New Straits Times from 1998 to 2003. He has published in high-impact academic journals and has presented research papers at conferences in Australia and the US. His work has been cited in publications of the World Bank, the United Nations and in several US patents.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Monash Universtiy
Year awarded 2016
Master of Accountancy
Institution Western Illinois University (USA)
Year awarded 1993
Bachelor of Science
Institution University of Malaya
Year awarded 1984

Professional Membership

Name of Association/International Body Malaysian Institute of Accountants
Role Member
Duration of membership N/A
Name of Association/International Body CPA (Georgia Society of CPAs, USA)
Role Member
Duration of membership N/A

Areas of Expertise

1 Financial reporting
2 Islamic Banking
3 Green Financing
4 Human Capital Accounting


Subject CodeSubject
AFW1000 Principles of Accounting & Finance
AFW1002 Introduction to Financial Accounting
AFW2851 Accounting Information Systems and Financial Modelling
AFW3040 Accounting Theory
AFW3050 Financial Accounting Issues

Book Chapters

1 Sinnakkannu J., Samudhram A. (2018) Promoting Green Technology Financing: Political Will and Information Asymmetries. In: Thatcher A., Yeow P. (eds) Ergonomics and Human Factors for a Sustainable Future. Springer
3 Kuppusamy, K., Samudhram,  A. and Shanmugam (2008), “Technology Intensity and Islamic Banks’ Performance”, in Islamic Banking: A Practical Perspective, K. Khir, L. Gupta,. and B. Shanmugam, (Eds), Pearson Longman, ISBN: 978-967-300-399-0 (Section)

Scholarly Journals

1 Samudhram, A., Siew, E-G, Sinnakkannu, J. and Yeow, H.P. (2016). Towards a new paradigm: Activity level balanced sustainability Reporting, Applied Ergonomics, 57:94-104. (ERA rank: A*)
2 Samudhram,A., Stewart, E., Wickramanayake, J. and J. Sinnakkannu. (2014) Value Relevance of Human Capital Based Disclosures: Moderating Effects of Labor Productivity, Investor Sentiment, Analyst Coverage and Audit Quality, Advances in Accounting, 30(2), 338-353. (ERA Rank: A; Scopus listed).
3 Samudhram, A. and Sinnakkannu, J. (2012), Building Human Capital in Developing Nations through SMEs: A Strategic and Complementary Role for Universities and Small Scale Accounting and Consulting Firms. Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control, 2(1):133-148.
4 Samudhram, A., Sivalingam, G. and Shanmugam, B. (2010),” Non-disclosure of human capital-based information: theoretical perspectives, Journal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting”,  Vol.14 No.2, pp. 106 – 128
5 Samudhram, A., Alam, N. and Shanmugam, B. (2010), Islamic Economic Review, Vol 14., No. 1 (forthcoming)
6 Samudhram, A. and Sivalingam, G. (2009), “Formulating Policies For Robust SME Development: Schumpeter-Arrow- Inverted U Debate - Evidence From Malaysian SMEs, Accountancy Business and the Public Interest”,Vol.  8, No.1, pp 103-136.
7 Samudhram, A. and Sivalingam, G. (2009),” Creating competitive advantage through research and development: An empirical analysis of research and development reported on annual financial statements”, Corporate Ownership & Control, Vol. 6, No.4 ,pp 468 – 475.
8 Samudhram, A., Shanmugam B. and Low, L.T.L. (2008), “Valuing Human Resources: An Analytical Framework”,  Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 8, No. 4 pp. 655-667. .

Conference Proceedings

1 Samudhram, A. (2010). “Building ICT literate human capital in the third world: A cost effective, environmentally friendly option. In C.H. Steel”, M.J. Keppell, P. Gerbic & S. Housego (Eds.), Curriculum, technology & transformation for an unknown future. Proceedings ascilite Sydney 2010 (pp.844-851)
2 Samudhram, A. (2010), Developing ICT literate human capital in the third world, Proceedings of the Knowledge Globalization Conference 2010, Suffolk University, Boston, USA 5-7th Nov 2010
3 Samudhram, A., Roselee, S. and Shanmugam, B. (2008), “A holistic rating methodology for Islamic financial institutions: Introducing a unified rating framework”, 6th International Islamic Finance Conference, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 13th – 14th October, 2008.
4 Samudhram, A., Tng, C.S.. and Shanmugam, B. (2008), “Towards An Islamic Basle II: Incorporating A Fourth Islamic Pillar In Prudent Regulation”, Proceedings of the 6th International Islamic Finance Conference, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 13th – 14th October, 2008.
5 Samudhram, A. (2008), “Creating robust Malaysian SMEs:  A complementary role for small scale accounting consulting firms”, Proceedings of the SME – Entrepreneurship Global Conference 2008, Melbourne, Australia, 3-4 July 2008 ( ISBN: 978-983-2939-12-2)


1 Samudhram, A. (2011), “Budget Task Force – MUSC, Final Report”. (The recommendations from this report were later presented to the highest level committees and boards at MUSC, and were adopted by MUSC)
2 Shanmugam B. and Samudhram, A. (2010), “Islamic finance”, In: Principles of Accounting and Finance, Carey, P. (Ed.), 2nd Edition, John Wiley & Sons: Australia.
3 Samudhram, A. (2009), Valuing Human Resources: An Analytical Framework, Proceedings of the  Monash University Doctoral Colloquium, Langkawi, Malaysia: 14-16 December, 2009
4 Samudhram, A., Alam, N. and Shanmugam, B. (2008), “Promoting Halal Islamic Technologies through Islamic Finance”, Islamic Finance Today,  September, pp. 27 – 30, ISSN No. 1800-1319
5 Samudhram, A ., Kuppusamy, M. and Shanmugam, B (2008), “Technology and  Performance of Islamic Banks”, Islamic Finance Today,  April, pp. 11 – 17, ISSN No. 1800-1319
6 Shanmugam, B and Samudhram A.  (2008), “ Asia: profitability and conformance – getting the balance right”, In the Black, Certified Practicing Accountants Australia (CPAA), Australia,  Volume 78:07, pp. 59 – 61, August

Local Grants

Title Unifying Green Financing and Global ISO14000 Standards
Investigators Ananda Samudhram (Collaborator)
Funding Period 2013 - 2015
Funding Body/Organisation Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Funding Amount RM95,000
Title Developing a cost-effective video technology for automating post-stroke rehabilitation
Investigators Ananda Samudhram (Collaborator)
Funding Period 2009 - 2011
Funding Body/Organisation Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Funding Amount RM180,000

Local Presentation

1 Presented cutting edge research at the campus level Pecha Kucha series, on 14th June 2016, together with A/P Dr. Jothee Sinnakkannu.
2 Samudhram, A., 29th September, 2013, Doctoral Presentation: Ramada Hotel, Melaka
3 Samudhram A., 26-28th September, 2012,  Doctoral Presentation: Tioman Island, 2012
4 Samudhram, A. (2008),6th International Islamic Finance Conference, J.W. Marriot, Kuala Lumpur, 13 – 14 October 2008 (Committee Member)

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