Dr Tee Chwee Ming

603 5514 5897
Room 6-5-78

Dr. Tee Chwee Ming is currently a lecturer with the School of Business (Accounting & Finance Department) under Monash University. He has 10 years of academic teaching experience in the discipline of finance and investment in various universities in Malaysia since 2006. Prior to this, he has ten years of corporate experience in the global stock, currency, derivatives and structured product markets since 1996. He has served in various corporate positions and held senior positions with Maybank in Kuala Lumpur, Barclays Capital in London, Citigroup in Sydney and JP Morgan Chase in Sydney. Since 2006, he has provided finance and investment professional training services to Permodalan Nasional Berhad Investment Institute. He has published several articles in international peer-review academic and professional journals in the area of accounting, corporate governance and finance. His research interests are in the area of political economy and ownership structure.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2016 
Master of International Business
Institution University of Sydney
Year awarded 2002
Master of Science
Institution Loughborugh University
Year awarded 1999
Bachelor of Economics
Institution Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Year awarded 1996

Areas of Expertise

1 Corporate Finance
2 Derivatives
3 Financial Management
4 Financial Markets and Institutions
5 International Finance
6 Portfolio Management
7 Treasury Management


Subject CodeSubject
BFW 1001 Foundation of Finance

Scholarly Journals

1Tee, C.M. (2017). Political connections, institutional investors monitoring and stock price synchronicity. Managerial Finance, Vo. 43 (11): 1236-1253.
2Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Foo, Y.B. and Teh, C.G. (2017). Institutional monitoring, political connections and audit fees: Evidence from Malaysian firms. International Journal of Auditing, Vol. 21 (2): 164-176.
3Tee, C.M. and Chong, L.L. (2014). Board structure and firm performance: Some evidence from Malaysian government-linked companies. Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 12 (1): 345-351.
4 Hooy, C.W. and Tee, C.M. (2014). Director monitoring effectiveness and CEO compensation. Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 11 (2): 124-131.
5 Hooy, C.W. and Tee, C.M. (2010). The monitoring role of independent directors in CEO pay- performance relationship: The case of Malaysian government linked companies. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Markets Economies, Vol. 3 (2): 245-259.
6Tee, C.M. and Chan, S.G. (2008). The influence of ownership structure on corporate performance of Malaysian public listed companies. ASEAN Economic Bulletin, Vol. 25 (2): 195 – 208.

Practitioner Journals

1Tee, C.M. & Hooy, C.W. (2009). Director’s pay-performance: A study on Malaysian government-linked companies. Bankers Journal Malaysia, 133, 28-33.
2Tee, C.M., Chan, S.G., & Chong, L.L. (2006). Ownership structure and corporate governance: Further evidence from Malaysia. Bankers Journal Malaysia, 130, 21-32.
3Tee, C.M. (2006). Conceptual risk-based deposit insurance framework for the Malaysian banking system. Bankers Journal Malaysia, 129, 4-9.
4Tee, C.M. (2004). A critical analysis of the Basle know your customer principle. Bankers Journal Malaysia, 127, 45-48.

Conference Proceedings

1Tee, C.M. (2016). Political connections, institutional monitoring and earnings quality in Malaysia. Austral-Asian 29th. Banking & Finance Conference Sydney UNSW December 14 - 16.
2Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Foo, Y.B. and Abdul Majid (2017). Institutional domiciles and CEO pay-performance sensitivity in Malaysian firms. European Accounting Association (EAA) 40th. Congress Valencia May 10 - 12.
3Tee, C.M. (2017). Political connections, institutional monitoring and stock price crash risk: Evidence from Malaysian firms. World Finance Conference Bangkok Thailand December 14-15.
4Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Foo, Y.B. & Majid, A. (2014). CEO compensation and firm performance in Malaysian firms: Some evidence on the role of institutional investors. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (JCAE) Capital Markets Symposium Monash University [Elsevier] January 2-4 2014.
5Tee, C.M & Teh, C.G. (2014). Institutional ownership, political connections, and audit fees: Further evidence from Malaysia [Best Paper Award]. International Corporate Governance Symposium Kasetsart University, University of Queensland and University of Strathclyde [Elsevier] December 1-3 2014.
6Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Majid, A., Hooy, G.K. & Kasipillai, J. (2015). Political connections, institutional monitoring and tax avoidance: Evidence from Malaysia. European Accounting Association (EAA) 38th. Congress Glasgow April 28-30 2015.
7Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Teh, C.G. & Foo, Y.B. (2015a). Institutional ownership, political connections and audit fees: Evidence from Malaysia. Journal of International Accounting Research 3rd. International Conference Sao Paolo July 19-21 2015.
8Tee, C.M., Gul, F.A., Teh, C.G. & Foo, Y.B. (2015b). Institutional monitoring, political connections and the cost of debt: Evidence from Malaysia. World Finance Conference BuenosAires Argentina July 22-24 2015.

Local Grants

Title The Relationship between Different Institutional Investors Monitoring and Financial and non-Financial performance of Malaysian Firms
Investigators Dr Foo Yee Boon, Prof Ferdinand A. Gul and Dr Tee Chwee Ming
Funding Period 2013-2016
Funding Body/Organisation Malaysian Government Fundamentals Research Grant Scheme (FRGS/2/2013/SS05/MUSM/02/2)
Funding Amount RM 67,000

Local Award

Award Name Best Paper Award
Awarding Body International Corporate Governance Symposium
Year of award 2014
Project Title N/A

International Award

Award Name Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD.) Scholarship
Awarding Body Monash University
Year of award 2013
Project Title N/A
Award Name Postgraduate Diploma Business Best Thesis
Awarding Body Monash University
Year of award 2012
Project Title N/A
Award Name Postgraduate Diploma Business Scholarship
Awarding Body Monash University
Year of award 2012
Project Title N/A
Award Name Master International Business Scholarship
Awarding Body ADB
Year of award 2001
Project Title N/A
Award Name Chevening Postgraduate Scholarship
Awarding Body U.K. Government
Year of award 1998
Project Title N/A

Local Presentation

1 Program Speaker (Finance & Investment), Permodalan Nasional Berhad Investment Institute, 2006 – 2016

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