Dr Abdul Majid

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business Law & Taxation

603 5514 6170
Room 6-5-23


Abdul Majid is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Business, MUSC. He was at one time a Professor of English and then a legal practitioner before taking up an academic appointment at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which he left in 2009. He was a Visiting Fellow (Commercial and Business Laws) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University until he joined MUSC. He has co-authored texts in law and has published extensively in business law areas

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution The University of Toledo, USA
Year awarded 1979
Master of Comparative Laws & Master of Arts
Institution International Islamic University & University of Malaya
Year awarded 1990 & 1971
Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Laws
Institution University of Malaya and London University
Year awarded 1967 & 1987
Certificate in Legal Practice
Institution Legal Profession Qualifying Board, Malaysia
Year awarded 1990

Areas of Expertise

1 Defamation
2 Employment Law
3 Contract Law
4 Corporate Governance


Subject CodeSubject
BTW1042 Malaysian Business Law
BTW2241 Comparative Workplace Relations Law
BTX5220 International Issues in Employment Law


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Scholarly Journals

*Mydin Meera, V. A., Majid, A., & Lee, M. Y. (2021). “The impact of Covid-19 on contractual obligations in Malaysia.” In A. Trakic (Ed.), Covid-19 and business law: Legal implications of a global pandemic (pp. 15-30). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter.
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* Michael J. Ferguson and Abdul Majid “To Sue or Not to Sue : An Experimental Study of Factors Affecting Hong Kong Liquidators Audit Litigation Decisions” Journal of Business Ethics, vol 46 (2003), pp. 363-374.

Practitioner Journals

*Abdul Majid and Margaret Liddle, "Reforming the Law of Contempt of Court,” INSAF : The Journal of the Malaysian Bar (2006) XXXV:1, pp. 119-141.
* Reza Jashen Gul, Abdul Majid, Sandra Ho, Mark A Bliss, Sunny Sun. “A Purposive Approach to Interpreting the Anti-Avoidance Provision in Hong Kong’s Employment Ordinance,” Malaysia Labour Review, vol 9, no 2,(2014) pp. 81-96.

Local Grants

Title Protecting satire against defamation claims
Investigators Dr Abdul Majid (PI)
Sri Yogamalar
Funding Period 1 Jan – 31 Jan 2013
Funding Body/Organisation MUSC
Title Abortion in Malaysia: Need for law reform
Investigators Sri Yogamalar (PI)
Dr Abdul Majid
Funding Period 1 Jan – 31 Jan 2013
Funding Body/Organisation MUSC
Title Is statutory adjudication effective in addressing the issue of late payment problem in the construction sector? Empirical evidence from Malaysia
Investigators Dr Teh Chee Ghee (PI)
Dr Abdul Majid
Funding Period 1 Jan – 31 Jan 2013
Funding Body/Organisation MUSC
Title Executive Compensation - Performance and Earnings Quality: Malaysian Evidence
Investigators Dr Foo Yee Boon
Prof Ferdinand Gul
Dr Abdul Majid
Funding Period 15 August 2013 – 14 August 2014
Funding Body/Organisation Joint Malaysian Accounting Research and Accounting Foundation

Current Supervision

Student Chwee Ming, Tee
Program of study Blockholder Monitoring, Audit Fee and CEO Compensation; (PhD)

Local Presentation

1 Chairman, Ad hoc Committee organizing a Public Lecture by Professor Ferdinand Gul on 22 Nov 2012 to mark the conferment upon him of the DEcons (Monsah)
2 Member, Ad hoc ERGS Review Committee chaired by Dr Teh Chee Ghee on 21 February 2013
3 Member, Campus Human Ethics Development Committee (“CHEDC”) (since May 2013).
4 Member, Faculty Discipline Panel (since July 2013)