Dr Francesco Cannas


Senior Lecturer

Department of Business Law and Taxation


Francesco is a qualified tax lawyer. He studied law in Italy and in the United Kingdom and was awarded a PhD in International Business Taxation by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). Before joining Monash, he was a Post-doc Researcher at Hasselt University (Belgium) and Adjunct Professor of Tax Law at the University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy). In 2015, he was a visiting Researcher the Singapore Management University.

His main areas of interest are international taxation, EU tax law, indirect taxation, environmental taxation and taxpayer’s rights. He has experience in tax advisory for both Italian and international clients.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Vienna University of Economics and Business
Year awarded 2017
Master of Law
Institution Vienna University of Economics and Business
Year awarded 2013
Bachelor of Law
Institution University of Turin
Year awarded 2010

Membership in National Associations, National Bodies and National Professional Bodies

Name of Association/International Body Italian Bar
Role Qualified Lawyer
Duration of membership From 2018

Areas of Expertise

1International Taxation
2EU Tax Law
3Indirect Taxation
4Environmental Taxation
5Taxpayer’s Rights


Subject CodeSubject
BTW3153 Malaysian Income Tax Law

Books Chapters

*Service Agreements, Management Fees e CCA (with Prof. Mario Grandinetti), in D. Avolio, M. Piazza (eds.), Il Transfer Pricing – Analisi, casi e questioni, (Giuffrè, Milano) 2021, accepted for publication;
*Reconciling EU Tax and Environmental Policies: the VAT as a Vehicle to Boost Green Consumerism under the EU Green Deal (with Matteo Fermeglia), in J. Milne, M. S. Andersen, H. Ashiabor (eds.), Environmental Taxation in the Pandemic Era, (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham) 2021, accepted for publication;
*From Tax Rulings to Cooperative Compliance: a New Deal between the Taxpayer and the Italian Tax Administration? (with Prof. Mario Grandinetti), in R. Hein, R. Russo (eds.), Co-operative Compliance and the OECD’s International Compliance Assurance Programme, (Wolters Kluwer, Alphen aan den Rijn) 2020, pp. 115–135;
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*The Historical Development of the Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, in O. Günter, N. Tüchler (eds.), Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, (Linde, Vienna) 2013, pp. 17–34.

Scholarly Journals

*The Participation of Trusts in Tax Proceedings and Some Ideas on How to Complete their Integration into the Italian Tax System, in European Taxation, 2021 (Vol. 61), No 8, accepted for publication;
*The Reaction of the Italian Tax System to the Covid-19 Pandemic between European Constraints and Constitutional Values, in Analyses and Studies of CASP, accepted for publication;
*The Development of the Doctrine of Abuse of Law and the Danish Cases: Time to Shift the Focus From Non-Genuine Arrangements to Single (Abusive) Transactions? (with Prof. Andrea Ballancin), in EC Tax Review, Vol. 30 (2021), Issue 2, pp. 70–80;
*Note IVA nelle procedure concorsuali: la Cassazione recepisce i princìpi della giurisprudenza eurounionale (with Davide Pellegrini), in Corriere tributario, 2021, IV, pp. 353 – 359;
*La sentenza Vodafone Portugal e l’assoggettabilità ad iva della somma pagata a seguito della risoluzione anticipata di un contratto per la prestazione di servizi, in Diritto e pratica tributaria internazionale, 2021, I, pp. 192 – 208;
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*Il distacco di personale come operazione onerosa e rilevante ai fini iva, in Diritto e pratica tributaria internazionale, 2020, II, pp. 719 – 740;
*The General Anti-Avoidance Rule Contained in the ATAD: Findings from the Italian Literature, in Analyses and Studies of CASP, No. 1(9), 2020, pp. 9– 20;

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