Econometrics and Business Statistics

Erniel Barrios Prof
Head of Department,
Econometrics and Business Statistics

The Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics offers two majors in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce program offered by the School of Business: (i) Econometrics and Business Statistics and (ii) Business Analytics. Through its engagement with alumni and industry partners, the Department is committed to ensure an updated and relevant curriculum for these programs. Graduates are equipped with a wide range of quantitative skills needed in real world problems across sectors in a multidisciplinary context. As aptly described by John Tukey: “The best thing about a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard”.

The core focus of the department in terms of education and research are theory and methods that will extract valuable insights from data and translate these into transformative actions. Students are honed to be fluent with data analytics and equipped with algorithmic problem-solving skills in the workplace with ever growing size of data of various forms. Founded on econometric theory, statistical science, computational methods, and in collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, our research is geared towards elevating policy-making and strategic decision-making in the digital transformation of businesses and the public sector (including information-dissemination for various stakeholders). Some of our research strengths are in these areas (but are not limited to): predictive analytics, analysis of time series data and forecasting, computational econometrics, analysis of survey data, and visualization.

The Department also provides data analytics (including statistical and econometric modeling) training and consultancy services to our industry and public sector partners.