Ms Elsa Phung


Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics
603 5514 6073
Room 6-5-07


Elsa Yet Chin Phung is an Education Focused lecturer with the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics in the School of Business at Monash University Malaysia. She is a certified Linux Administrator (SUSELinux Enterprise Server) since 2011.

Her research interests are in the area of learning analytics and educational data mining, focusing on the area of computational analysis techniques in analyzing and designing assessment using evidence to improve university’s teaching and learning.

Her teaching is in the core area of Business Analytics, in the area of Data Mining and Project Management Analytics.

Academic Qualifications

Master of Science
Institution University of Manchester, UK
Year awarded 1992
Bachelor of Science
Institution University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Year awarded 1983

Membership in Associations and International Bodies

Name of Association/International Body 5th International Management Conference
Role Panel Review Member
Duration of membership 2012 only
Name of Association/International Body Journal of Urban Technology
Role Editorial Board Member
Duration of membership Since Jan 2010
Name of Association/International Body Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia
Role Member
Duration of membership Since Jan 2009

Membership in International Professional Bodies

Name of Association/International Body CPA (Australia)
Role Member
Duration of membership Since Jan 2009

Membership in National Associations, National Bodies and National Professional Bodies

Name of Association/International Body MICPA
Role Member
Duration of membership Since Jan 2009

Expert on Policy Formulation Panel and Professional Body

Name of Association/International Body Unit on the Formulation of the National Innovation Policy, UNIK-Prime Minister's Office, Malaysia, November 2010 to June 2011
Role Panel Member
Duration of membership November 2010 to June 2011

Areas of Expertise

1 Knowledge Management
2 Data Mining
3 Artificial Intelligence


Subject CodeSubject
BEW1601 Introduction to e-Commerce
BUS1010 Introductory Computing for Business Applications
BUS1021 Business Information Systems
BUS1060 Computer Programming for Business A
BUS1110 Computer Models for Business Decisions
BUS2021 Advanced Business Information Systems
BUS2120 Computer Concepts and Software Systems
BUS2176 Project Management
BUS3112 Database Systems and Data Management
BUS3150 Computer Facilities and Network Management
ETW1010 Data Modelling and Computing
ETW3480 Decision Analysis for Managers
FIT1001 Computer Systems
FIT1004 Data Management
FIT1012 Website Authoring
FIT2010 Database
FIT2018 Network and Systems Administration
FIT2019 Network Standards and Specifications
FIT2033 Computer Models for Business Decisions
FIT3002 Applications of Data Mining
FIT3047 Industrial Experience Project 1
FIT3048 Industrial Experience Project 2
FIT5158 Customer Relationship Management and Data Mining
FIT9003 Database Systems Design
GCO1815 Computer Systems and Technology
GCO1821 Multimedia and Internet Computing
GCO2821 Computer Organisation
IMS2071 System Analysis and Design
MGW2700/MGX2700 Project Management for Small and Medium Enterprise

Scholarly Journals

1Phung, Y.C. and Lim, T.M. (2001) “An e-Procument Prototype Simulating B2B Internet Commerce Using XML”, (REDECS 2001). A referred paper published in the Proceeding of National Conference on Research & Development in Computer Science (22-25 Oct, 2001, UNITEN)
2Phung, Y.C. and Lim, H.T. (2002), An Intelligent Subject Selection System for Universities : A Knowledge Management Perspective, The sixth International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Malaysia, Feb 17-20, 2002
3Phung, Y.C., (2005), “Text Mining for Stock Movement Predictions: A Malaysian Perspective”, 6th International Conference on Data Mining, 25-27 May, Skiathos, Greece
4Phung Y.C., Amnuaisuk P.S., and Komiya. R. (2008), “Integrating text mining and genetic algorithm for subject selection”, International Joint Conference on Computer, Information, and System Sciences, and Engineering (CIS2R08), 5-13 December, E Conference, USA.

Completed Supervision

Student Lim Haw Tian
Program of study An Intelligent Subject Selection Systems for Universities, MIT, 2003
Awarding University Monash University Malaysia
Student Chan Pei Pei
Program of study Text Mining for Stock Movement Predictions, MIT, 2004
Awarding University Monash University Malaysia

Local Award

Award Name Pro Vice Chancellor Award of Excellence in Teaching/Admin
Awarding Body Monash University Malaysia
Year of award S1 2012, S2 2011, S2 2010, S1 2010, S2 2009, S1 2009, S2 2008
Project Title S1 2012: Nurturing Students' Skills and Capabilities
S2 2011: Improving Teaching Methods Through Innovative Means
S2 2010: Action Learning for Excellence (Teaching)
S2 2010: Teamwork, Collaboration and Results (Administration)
S1 2010: Learning by Doing for Excellence
S2 2009: Project “Protocol”
S1 2009: NA
S2 2008: NA

Local Presentation

1 Education Quality and Innovation Series of seminar/workshop titled: Teaching innovations for high quality teaching outcomes
2 School Teaching and Learning Seminar: PVC's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Administration
3 School PASS Program: Information sessions for Unit Coordinators/Lecturers
4 Workshops for PASS Leaders

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