Mr Chun MinSoo

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics
603 5515 9695
Room 6-5-79


Chun MinSoo is an assistant lecturer who also conducts a Ph.D in Monash University Malaysia. His main research focus is happiness, life satisfaction and subjective well-being in social and economic perspective. His prior academic qualification is given from Monash University Malaysia, completing Honours degree in 2015 with achievement of the Best thesis award for ‘The impact of socioeconomic status and parental support on the students’ sense of belonging’.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)
Institution Monash University Malaysia
Year awarded 2014

Areas of Expertise

1 Econometrics
2 Statistics
3 Happiness studies


Subject CodeSubject
ETW1000 Business and Economic statistics
ETW3510 Applied Econometrics
ETW 2410 Introductory Econometrics
ETW 3420 Principles of forecasting and applications

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