Grace Lee, Associate Professor
Head of Department,

The importance of studying economics in a business and commerce degree is threefold. First, economic forces shape the profitability and work turnover of existing businesses and how new businesses emerge and grow. Second, understanding economics helps us understand the forces that shape our lives because the economy affects how we earn a living, how much we earn, interest rates, the availability, cost and quality of what we spend our money on and how we invest for our futures. Third, economics is a way of thinking about and analysing the world that will shape the way you think and build analytical and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by today’s employers.

Our research strengths are in the areas of:

  • Development economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Cultural economics and social capital
  • Experimental economics
  • Other applied economics
Head of DepartmentGrace Lee Hooi Yean, Associate Professor
B.A, Economics; M.A, Economics (MUN); PhD, Economics (UPM)
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CoordinatorAudreySiah Kim Lan (Audrey), Dr
B.A, Economics (Hons); M.A. Economics; PhD, Economics (UPM)
Phone Extension (+603) 5514 8000 Ext: 45690 (DID: 5514 5690)
ProfessorEduard J. Bomhoff, Professor
BSc. Mathematics (Leyden); MSc (Leyden); PhD (cum laude) (NSE)
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Assoc. Prof.Poon Wai Ching, Associate Professor
B.A, Education (Hons) (USM); M.Ec. (UM), PhD, Economics (UPM)
Phone Extension (+603) 5514 8000 Ext: 44908 (DID: 5514 4908)
Adjunct Gamini Herath, Professor
B.Sc (Ceylon); M.Ag Dev Ec. (ANU,Canberra); Ph.D ( New England); GCHE (Deakin University)
Adjunct Habibur Rahman, Dr
B. Social Sc. (Khulna); M. A. (Chulalongkorn); PhD Ec. (Deakin University)
Ashutosh Sarker, Dr
M.Ag Ec. (Niigata University); PhD Ag Ec. (Niigata University)
Phone Extension (+603) 5514 8000 Ext: 46277 (DID: 5514 6277)
 Eunbi SongEunbi Song, Dr
B.A. (Korea University); M.A. Ec. (Korea University); PhD Ec. (Korea University)
Koh Geok May (Sharon),Dr
BEcons (UM); M. Business (Charles Sturt); PhD (Monash)
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 pauline_2  Pauline Khoo, Dr
M.A. (University of Illinois); PhD (University of Illinois)
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 Lilian Chan Mei Li, Dr
BEcons (University of London ); M. Economics(University of East Anglia); PhD (UPM)
Phone Extension (+603) 5514 800 Ext: 44998 (DID: 5514 4998)
 Trang My TranTrang My Tran, Dr
B Sc. (Randolph-Macon College, U.S.A); PhD (Deakin University)