Professor Gamini Herath


Department of Economics
603 5514 6282
Room 6-4-15


Gamini Herath is Professor of Economics at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. He is also the Cluster Leader of the Sustainability Development cluster of Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21) multidisciplinary research platform. His principal research interests are in environmental economics, institutional change, globalization and sustainable development in Asia. He has published nearly 70 research papers in highly ranked journals including the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (A*), Journal of Development Studies (A), Ecological Economics (A*), Annals of Tourism Research (A*), Journal of Environmental Management (A), Asian Survey (A), Oxford Agrarian Studies, journal of hydrology (A*) Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (A) and Australian Journal of Environmental Management. He has edited six books and the three most recent books are Multi-criteria Decision Analysis in Environmental Management with Professor Tony Prato, Missouri University, USA, Child Labour in South Asia with Associate Professor Kishor Sharma of Charles Sturt University, NSW Australia and Institutional Approach to Water Resources Management published by Nova Publishers, New York. The first two books were published by Ashgate Publishing, UK. Besides he had published 16 book chapters. Professor Gamini Herath has received close to RM 6 million in research grants in the past. He has refereed articles for many leading journals such as Ecological Economics, Ecological Modeling, Tourism Economics, Australian Journal of Environmental Management, Economic Record, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and other recognized journals in environmental management. He has been a Ph.D. examiner for La Trobe University, Charles Sturt University, Victoria University, Monash University, Sydney University, RMIT and Griffith University and the Asian Institute of Technology. Bangkok. He was a visiting professor at University of Montana, USA (1999), Missouri University USA (2004, 2008) and a visiting Scholar to the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC (2002). Prior to joining Monash University Prof. Gamini Herath worked at Deakin University and Las Trobe University Australia for nearly 17 years.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution University of New England
Year awarded 1980
Master of Agricultural
Institution Australian National University
Year awarded 1975
Bachelor of Science
Institution University of Ceylon, Peradeniya
Year awarded 1970

Membership in Associations and International Bodies

Name of Association/International Body Intellectbase International Consortium Nashville, USA
Role Executive Editorial Board Member
Duration of membership 2010
Name of Association/International Body Intellectbase International Consortium Nashville, USA
Role Reviewer Task Panel Member
Duration of membership 2010

Areas of Expertise


Environmental Economics
2 Agricultural Economics
3 Privatisation and globalisation
4 Institutional economics


Subject CodeSubject
ECF9210 Introduction to International Economics
ECW3830 Business, Competition and Regulation
ESX2550/3550 Business in Asia


1Herath, G. 2012. Institutional Aspects of Water Management, Evaluating the Experience, Nova Publishers, New York, 155 pages.
2Herath, Gamini and Kishor Sharma, 2007. Child Labor in South Asia, Ashgate Publishing, UK.
3Herath, Gamini and Tony Prato, 2006. Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Natural Resource Management, Ashgate Publishing, UK.

Book Chapters

1Herath, Gamini and Gareth Leeves, 2014.   Trade, environmental and the labour market in Malaysia, In Handbook on Trade and Development, Eds O. Morrissey, R. Lopez and K. Sharma,  Edward Elgar UK (in press)
2Herath, Gamini,2013 .  Climate change and environmental governance : the Asian experience In Governance Approaches for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change, Ed. Huang Ha,  Palgrave McMillan, pages 68-83.
3Gamini Herath, 2012. Role of Institutions in Water Resources Management, In Institutional aspects of Water Management, ed. Gamini Herath, Nova Publishers, New York, pp.1-9.
4 Kumar, D. S., & Herath, G. (2012). Dimensions of Transactions Costs: A Review with Special Reference to Water Trading
5 Poon, W. C., & Herath, G. (2012). Institutional Issues in the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services in Malaysia
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11Herath, G. (2008). Irrigation management – Does Bottom Up Work Better than Top Down in Sri Lanka?. In R. Ghate, N. S. Jodha, & P. Mukhopadhyay (Eds.), Promise, Trust, and Evolution: Managing the Commons of South Asia (pp. 191-209). New York: Oxford University Press Inc.
12Herath, Gamini, 2007. Child Labor in Developing countries: The Review of theoretical and Empirical Evidence in Child Labor in South Asia, Gamini Herath and Kishor Sharma,(eds) Ashgate publishing, pp 11-25.

Scholarly Journals

1 A.Sarker, T.Itoh,  R.Kada, Gamini Herath , (2014). User self-governance in a complex policy design for managing water  commons in Japan,  Journal of Hydrology,  (A*) 510: 246-258.
2Herath, G., & Crosling, G. (2012). Face-face teaching in economics: what do students value and how can we measure their preferences?. Review of Higher Education and Self- Learning, 5(15), 43-56.
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5 Batabyal, A., & Herath, G. (2010). A dynamic and stochastic analysis of ship inspections and alien species management. Letters Spatial Resource Sciences,3, 33-39.
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7 Ananda, J., & Herath, G. (2009). A Critical Review of Multi-criteria Decision making methods with special reference to forest management and planning. Ecological Economics, 68, 2535-2548.
8 Ananda, J., & Herath, G. (2008). Multi-attribute preference modelling and regional land-use planning. Ecological Economics, 65, 325-335.
9 Musselwhite, Garry and Gamini Herath,( 2007). ‘Chaos Theory and Assessment of Forest Stakeholder Attitudes towards Australian Forest Policy’, Forest Policy and Economics, 9: 947-964
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22 Ananda, J and Gamini Herath, (2003). ‘The Use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to incorporate Stakeholder Preferences into Regional Forest Planning’, Forest Policy and Economics, 5: 13-26

Conference Proceedings

1Herath, G. (2013) November.  Sustainable Development: Evaluation of the challenges,  Asian Academy of Management  International conference, 23-25th august, Bayview Beach Resort ,Penang.
2Herath, G. (2012, October). Sustainability and Development Challenges in the Asian Region. Paper session presented at the Sustainability Symposium 2012, Malaysia.
3Herath, G. (2012, August). Natural Disasters, Food Security and Health: An Asian Perspective. Paper session presented at the Community Forum Philippines, Philippines.
4Herath, G. (2012). Free Trade and Sustainable Development: Progress and Challenges in the Oil Palm Sector. Paper session presented at the USM-AUT International Conference (UAIC), Malaysia.
5Herath, G. (2010, October). Multi-criteria decision making in water resources planning: what does the evidence show. Paper session presented at the Intellectbase International Consortium Academic Conference, Atlanta GA.

Local Grants

Title Focus Group Study of User Perceptions of the Impact of Reef Activities on Reef Environmental Health in the Tioman Island, Malaysia
Investigators Prof. Gamini Herath (PI)
Dr. Catherine Yule
Dr. Robyn F. Wilson
Funding Period Aug 2013 – Dec 2013
Funding Body/Organisation Reef Check Malaysia Bhd
Title Neuroeconomic Underpinnings of Noncooperation and Cooperation in Sustainable Use of Shared Natural Resources
Investigators Dr. Ashutosh Sarker (PI)
Prof. Gamini Herath 
Dr. Poon Wai Ching
Funding Period Nov 2013
Funding Body/Organisation Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Title Neuroeconomic Foundation  of Social Communication, Cooperation, and Noncooperation in Managing the Commons
Investigators Dr. Ashutosh Sarke (PI)
Prof. Gamini Herath
Dr. Poon Wai Ching
A/ Prof. Shamsul Haque
Funding Period Nov 2013
Funding Body/Organisation Social & Economic Transformation in Asia (SETA)
Title Assessing Socio-economic and Environmental Risks for Food and Health Security in Muda Irrigation Area in Malaysia
Investigators Prof. Gamini Herath (PI)
Dr. Ashutosh Sarker
Dr. Poon Wai Ching
Prof. Ryohei Kada
Funding Period Jan 2012 – Dec 2012
Funding Body/Organisation MUSC
Title Estimating the Economic Value of Environmental Damages in Oil Palm Production in Malaysia for Sustainable Production
Investigators Dr. Poon Wai Ching (PI)
Prof. Gamini Herath
Funding Period Jul 2011 – Jun 2012
Funding Body/Organisation MUSC

International Grants

Title Study on Unfair Trade Practices in ASEAN - Malaysia
Investigators Prof. Gamini Herath
Funding Period Oct 2011 – Oct 2013
Funding Body/Organisation JayCee Asia-Pacific Consulting
Title Assessing socio-economic and environmental risks for food and health security in the Langat river basin in Malaysia
Investigators Prof. Gamini Herath (PI)
Dr. Ashutosh Sarker
Dr. Poon Wai Ching
Prof. Ryohei Kada (RIHN)
Funding Period Mac 2013 – Mac 2014
Funding Body/Organisation Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN),Kyoto,Japan
Title Assessing socio-economic and environmental risks for food and health security in the Langat river basin in Malaysia
Investigators Prof. Gamini Herath (PI)
Dr. Ashutosh Sarker
Dr. Poon Wai Ching
Prof. Ryohei Kada (RIHN)
Funding Period Oct 2012 – Oct 2013
Funding Body/Organisation Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN),Kyoto,Japan
Title Assessing and Adaptively Managing Wildfire Risk in the Wildland-Urban Interface for Future Climate and Land Use Changes
Investigators Anthony A Prato (PI)
Daniel B Fagre 
Gamini Herath
Robert Keane
Jane Kapler Smith
Funding Period 1 Sept 2009 - 1 Sept 2013
Funding Body/Organisation National Science Foundation (U.S.)

Current Supervision

Student Sarah  Elyzabeth
Program of study Household[poverty and natural dsasters:Evidence from Aceh.   (BBusCom Honours 2013)

Completed Supervision

Student Ranveer, Nagaich
Program of study Investigating the Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Poverty in India (BBusCom Honours); 2012
Awarding University Monash University
Student Kun Yee, Tee
Program of study An Empirical Analysis of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Income Inequality, Economic Openness and Political Democracy (BBusCom Honours); 2012
Awarding University Monash University

International Presentations

1 Key Note Speaker, Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association, Annual Research Forum, 17th December, 2010, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.