Head of Finance
Yessy Peranginangin, Dr
Head of Department,

Finance is one of the largest department in the School of Business. The department is committed to quality teaching and research. It has been producing graduates who are competent, skilled and sought after by prospective employers. It offers the prestigious Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree with the option of majoring either in Accounting or Banking and Finance. Students who do exceptionally well in their Bachelor degree have the option of completing the degree at Honours level.

Currently the department has in excess of 500 students served by a team of qualified academic staff. Most of the academics have industrial experience especially in the areas of Auditing, Manufacturing, Finance and Banking. The department conducts research in the following areas:

  • Islamic Banking
  • Social and Islamic Accounting
  • Accounting for Websites
  • Money Laundering and Informal Banking
  • Earning Management, Policy Choice and Voluntary Disclosure
  • Productivity of Commercial Banks
  • Electronic Banking
  • Corporate Governance and Financial Deepening

Numerous books and journal articles have been published by staff of the department.

Head of Department

Yessy Peranginangin, Dr
B. Management (Gadjah Mada); Pg Dip Finance (University of Melbourne); Master of Commerce (Finance) (University of Melbourne); PhD (University of Adelaide)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext. 45868 (DID: 5514 5868) .
CoordinatorImtiaz Sifat,Dr
Phone Extention: (+603) 55146000 ext: 45835 (DID: 5514 5835) .
ProfessorKeshab Shrestha, Professor
Master, (US); PhD, (US)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext: 46389 (DID: 5514 6389) .
Assoc. Prof.Jothee Sinnakkannu, Associate Professor
B.BA (Hons) (UKM); MBA (UPM); PhD, Finance (UPM)
Phone Extention: (+603) 55146000(+603) 55146000 ext: 46297 (DID: 5514 6297) .
 Abdul Ghafoor, Dr
BBA (National University of Modern Languages); M.Sc. (Muhammad Ali Jinnah); PhD (Malaya)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext. 46185 (DID: 5514 6185) .
 Liang Zhang, Dr
PhD, (University of Hawaii)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext. 44930 (DID: 5514 4930) .

Man Duy (Marty) Pham, Dr
B. Com. (Ho Chi Minh City Int. Uni.); M. Int. Eco & Fin. (Uni. of Queensland) ; PhD. (Uni. of Western Australia)

 Mirzet Šeho, Dr
B. Economics (International Islamic University Malaysia); M. Finance (International Islamic University Malaysia); PhD (INCEIF)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext. 44987 (DID: 5514 4987) .
 Mohammed Sharaf Mohsen Shaiban, Dr
B. Acc (University of Sana'a); MBA/ Accounting, MIS (Denver Univ. /USA); PhD, Accounting (UM)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext. 44906 (DID: 5514 4906) .
 Ravichandran K.Subramaniam, Dr
MBA in Accounting (U.Malaya); PhD in Finance (U.Malaya); CA (M), CPA (Aust)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext: 45684 (DID : 5514 5684) .