Dr Yessy Peranginangin

Head of the Finance Department, Senior Lecturer

Department of Finance

603 5514 5868
Room 6-5-71

Yessy is a Head of the Finance department at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. Prior to joining Monash University Malaysia in 2016, Yessy had a diverse teaching experience in Indonesia, Australia as well as in Singapore, where he taught at under- and post-graduate level. Yessy holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Adelaide, where he was also a Research Associate at the International Centre for Financial Services (ICFS). Yessy’s publication appears in leading academic outlets and focuses on market microstructure, foreign investors in emerging markets, corporate and personal finance.

Academic Qualifications

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2018
Doctor of Philosophy
Institution The University of Adelaide
Year awarded 2014
Master of Commerce (Finance)
Institution The University of Melbourne
Year awarded 2005
Post Graduate Diploma in Finance
Institution The University of Melbourne
Year awarded 2004
Bachelor of Management
Institution Gadjah Mada University
Year awarded 2001

Areas of Expertise

1 Market microstructure
2 Foreign investors in emerging markets
3 Personal finance


Subject CodeSubject
BFW 3331 International Banking and Finance
BFW2341 International Financial Management

Scholarly Journals

* Shrestha, K., Subramaniam, R., Peranginangin, Y., & Philip, S. S. S. (2018). Quantile hedge ratio for energy markets. Energy Economics, 71, 253-272. [ABDC 2016 A*-ranked]
* Putantri, A. A., Nainggolan, Y. A., & Peranginangin, Y. (2018). ARE FOREIGN INVESTORS ATTRACTED TO POLITICALLY CONNECTED FIRMS?. International Journal of Business and Society, 19(1), 87-102. [unranked]
*Peranginangin, Y., Ali, A. Z., Brockman, P., & Zurbruegg, R. (2016). The impact of foreign trades on emerging market liquidity. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 40, 1-16. [ABDC 2016 A-ranked]
* Ali, A., Peranginangin, Y., & Walsh, M. (2015). The determinants of customer satisfaction'in the financial planning industry'. JASSA, (4), 19. [ABDC 2016 B-ranked]
*Peranginangin, Y. How the Indonesia Stock Exchange Reacts to Information: a Speed of Adjustment Coeficients Study. Indonesian Capital Market Review, 1(2). [unranked]

Conference Proceedings

* “Investor type and commonality in liquidity”, presented at the 2013 Asian Finance Association Annual Conference, July 2013.
* “Investor type and commonality in liquidity”, presented at the 6th Financial Risks International Forum on Liquidity Risks in March 2013, Paris, France.
* “Size and Commonality in Liquidity in the Indonesian Stock Exchange”, presented at the SymposiumSA in July, 2010, Adelaide, Australia.
* “Leverage Effect in the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX); an Investigation Using Indices Data from 1999 to 2004”, presented in 2007 at the 2nd International Conference of Business and Management Research, Jakarta, Indonesia.
* “How the Jakarta Stock Exchange Reacts to Information: A Speed of Adjustment Coefficients Study in a Thin Trading Market”, presented in 2006 at the 1st International Conference of Business and Management Research, Bali, Indonesia.

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