Teh Pei Lee, Professor
Head of Department,

The Department of Management promotes the development of students in both their intellectual skills and their professional competencies through innovative approaches to teaching and research.

The Department of Management offers two majors in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce program offered by the School of Business: (i) Management; and (ii) International Business Management. Examples of units include general management, human resource management, organisational behaviour, international business, international management, strategic management, management information systems, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our research areas include the following:

  1. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
    Entrepreneurship can be an important catalyst for inclusive and sustainable development. We focus on the key areas of international entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship. Our studies cover business strategies of family businesses and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the rise of global firms, and diaspora entrepreneurship in international entrepreneurship. At the nexus of business and society, we research social entrepreneurship, such as value creation in social enterprise and sustainable business models that fulfil the social, economic and environmental responsibilities. We also strive to understand the entrepreneurial capabilities for success and coping strategies among women entrepreneurs. Our research findings provide new insights and innovative management solutions to policymakers and businesses in driving high-impact social change and bringing transformational benefits to the society in this country and the region.

  2. People and Work
    Promoting work-life balance and healthy well-being is an important contributor to developing a sustainable society. Given the rapid technological advances and shifting demographics, our research focuses on sustainable workplace, health and well-being of people of all ages. At the core of a sustainable workplace, we study three key issues that demand a new managerial mindset: work-life balance on the changing nature of work, global mobility, and aging at work. To build resilient and healthy communities, we research the health and well-being issues that are relevant to organisations and society. We address these research problems in a multidisciplinary approach, whether in collaboration with researchers from other areas such as psychology and public health or using various research methods such as quantitative, qualitative, computational, and experimental approaches. We aim to accelerate progressive discovery and implement behavioural practices to make a difference and sustainable impact on businesses and workers.

The academics of the department conduct research in the following areas and have published in numerous top-tiered journals such as Human Resource Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Information & Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Scientific Reports and more to the list.

  1. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  2. Inclusive and sustainable leadership
  3. Internationalisation of firms/entry modes
  4. Human resources, human relations, and industrial relations
  5. Management information systems and emerging technologies
  6. Operations, supply chain and logistics
  7. Organizational behaviour
  8. Social entrepreneurship and social innovation
  9. Social neuroscience
  10. Tourism strategy and management