Dr Jasim Uddin


Department of Management

603 5514 4973
Room 6-5-53

Jasim Uddin is a Lecturer in the Department of Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and Economics from Monash University. His research interests lie within the interdisciplinary domains of management studies including critical management studies, ethics, inclusion and justice, sustainable development, inclusive leadership, ethical outsourcing, human resources, public service ethics, social entrepreneurship, humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. His publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Business Ethics, Public Administration and Development, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management and International Journal of Logistics Management. Jasim supervises honors, masters, and PhD research students.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2018
Master of Science in Finance and Economics
Institution Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
Year awarded 2004

Membership in Associations and International Bodies

Membership Academy of Management
Role Member/Reviewer
Duration 2016 – present
Membership Chartered Institute of Management
Role Member
Duration 2019 – present
Membership EGOS & OS in Kyoto
Role Reviewer
Duration 2019
Membership Academy of International Business
Role Member
Duration 2016 - 2018
Membership Academy of International Business (AIB) Regional Chapters (Southeast Asia/UK and Ireland)
Role Reviewer
Duration 2016 - 2018

Areas of Expertise

1Ethics, inclusion and justice within the multidisciplinary domains of management studies
2Sustainable development
3Inclusive and sustainable leadership
4Critical management studies
5Human resources and industrial relations
6Public administrative ethics
7Social entrepreneurship
8Humanitarian logistics and supply chain management
9Disaster management


Subject CodeSubject
MGW1010Introduction to Management
MGW3681International Management
MGW1100Managerial communication

Scholarly Journals

* Fujimoto, Y. & Uddin, M. J. (2021). Inclusive Leadership for Reduced Inequality: Economic–Social–Economic Cycle of Inclusion. Journal of Business Ethics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-021-04920-2
* Islam, S., Uddin, M.J., Shi, Y., Sharif, T. and Ahmed, J.U. (2021). Exploring shippers' motivations to adopt collaborative truck-sharing initiatives. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 51(5): 528-550.  https://doi.org/10.1108/IJPDLM-10-2019-0303
*Ahmed, J.U., Islam, Q. T., Ahmed, S., Faroque, A.R., Uddin, M.J. (2021). Corporate social responsibility in the wake of COVID-19: multiple cases of social responsibility as an organizational value. Society and Business Review, 16(4): 496-516.
*Islam, S., Goerlandt, F., Uddin, M. J., Shi, Y. and Abdul Rahman, N.S.F. (2021). Exploring vulnerability and resilience of shipping for coastal communities during disruptions: findings from a case study of Vancouver Island in Canada. The International Journal of Logistics Management. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJLM-12-2020-0466
* Islam, S., Goerlandt, F., Feng, S., Uddin, M. J., Hilliard, C. & Shi, P. (2020) Improving disasters preparedness and response for coastal communities using AIS ship tracking data. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 51. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijdrr.2020.101863
* Fujimoto, Y. & Uddin, M. J. (2020). Poor-inclusive workplace model: A Relational Perspective. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 39(8), 881-900.
*Uddin, M. J., Hossain, F., Fujimoto, Y. & Ahmed, J.U. (2019). Do public sector organizations ensure labor ethics? Perspectives from ethics and workplace spirituality in Bangladesh’s garment sector. Public Administration and Development, 40 (3), 147-155.
*Tehseen, S., Ahmed, F.U., Qureshi, J.H., Uddin, M.J. & Ramayah, T (2019) Entrepreneurial competencies and SMEs’ growth: the mediating role of network competence. Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration. 11(1): 2-29.
*Uddin, M. J. & Ahmed, J.U. (2016). Organizational Socialization Context: Evidence from the Microfinance Sector in the Developing Country. Management and Labor Studies. 41(3): 244-260.
*Uddin, M.J., Luva, R.H. & Hossain S.D.F. (2013). Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance and Productivity: A Case Study of Telecommunication Sector in Bangladesh. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(2): 65-77.

Conference Presentations

* Fujimoto, Y. & Uddin, M.J. (2020) Becoming an Impactor: How Do Leaders Empower the Poor? Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management 2020.
* Fujimoto, Y. & Uddin, M.J. (2019). Social Entrepreneurial Inclusion. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 9-13 August, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
* Uddin, M.J., Au, W.C. & Ahmed, P.K. (2018). Do institutional pressures drive change? Evidence from Bangladesh garment industry. Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
* Uddin, M.J. & Ahmed, F. (2017) - Comparative perspectives on social capital of foreign expatriates in local organizations & foreign expatriates in foreign organizations in the emerging Asian context, Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
* Uddin, M. J., Au, W. C. & Ahmed, P.K. (2016), Organizational and institutional barriers for welfare based HRM practices in the multinational setting: A critical exploratory investigation, Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference, Guangzhou, China.

Local Grants

Title Labor conditions in global supply chain
Investigators Uddin, M. J. (P.I.)
Funding Period January 2018 – December 2018
Funding Body/Organisation Sunway University

Current Supervision

Student Faisal Kamal
Title Doctor of Philosophy (Business)
Student Ismail Khan
Title Doctor of Philosophy (Business)
Student Terence Leong Hian Yoong
Title Doctor of Philosophy (Business)
Student Abdullah Al Mamun
Title Doctor of Philosophy (Business)

International Awards

Title Literati Awards 2020 for Outstanding Paper in Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration
Emerald Publisher
Investigators Uddin, M. J.
Funding Period 2020
Funding Body/Organisation Emerald Publisher