Yunus Ali, Associate Professor
Head of Department,

Marketing is a dynamic, complex set of ideas and business activities that are directed at providing value to consumers, organisations and to society.

Simply put, marketers do three things – they:

  1. Make promises by developing and communicating a value proposition to customers;
  2. Keep promises by delivering the value; and
  3. Enable promises by working with people in all parts of the organisation to make sure everything happens as promised.

Marketing is everything – from seeing an unmet need right through to meeting that need by helping develop and deliver innovative products and services to customers. It's about understanding people, innovation and creativity, selling and advertising, analysing markets, e-commerce and retailing, building relationships, and much, much more – including doing it all responsibly and sustainably.

Our goal at Monash is to produce marketing graduates who are well rounded. We challenge our students to stretch their intellects and critical thinking skills, and to develop the vital 'soft' skills (including leadership, teamwork and presentation) that will support successful business careers. We are proud of our graduates, and are confident they will add value to the 21st century business environment, and to society.

Head of Department
Md Yunus Ali, Associate Professor
B.Com (Hons), M.Com (Rajshahi); MBA (Monash); PhD (Wollongong)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext: 46397 (DID : 5514 6397)
CoordinatorJuliana French, Dr
Postgrad. Dip.(RMIT); Master of Business(RMIT);Postgrad. Dip(Monash); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 45693 (DID: +603 5514 5693).
Adjunct Lin Yang, Dr
Postgrad. Dip.(Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology); Postgrad. Dip(University of Otago); PhD (Victoria University of Wellington)
 Ewe Soo Yeong, Dr
B.M (USM); Postgrad. Dip. Mktg (Monash); M.E (UM); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 Ext: 46293 (DID: 5514 6293)
 dr behBeh Yean Shan, Dr
B.A (Hons) (IMI); M.Sc Tourism (USM); PhD Marketing (Auckland)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 Ext: 59789 (DID: 5515 9789)
 Ghazala Khan, Dr
B.A (Punjab); Dip. Mktg (CIM); Postgrad. Dip. Mktg (Northumbria); M.A (Northumbria); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 Ext: 46294 (DID: 5514 6294)
 michelle  Michelle Yang, Dr
B. Commerce (Monash); B. Commerce (Honours) (Monash); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 
 Stephanie Cheah, Dr
B. Commerce (Monash); B. Commerce (Honours) (Monash); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 44942 (DID: +603 5514 4942)
 Vimala Kunchamboo, Dr
B. Econ (UM); M. Econ(Wakayama); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 44934 (DID: +603 5514 4934)
 Vicki Little, Dr
B. Commerce (Otago); MBA (Otago); PhD (Auckland)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 44953 (DID: +603 5514 4953).