Dr Juliana French

Department Coordinator, Lecturer

Department of Marketing

603 5514 5693
Room 6-5-52


Dr Juliana French joined Monash University Malaysia in September 2016 upon completing her PhD in marketing which she earned from Monash University Malaysia. Originally trained as a primary school teacher, she switched fields and worked in advertising, television consultancy and sports management before returning to the world of academia.

Her research interests lie primarily in the area of consumption experiences and behaviour, specifically the influence of culture on consumption behaviour, symbolic consumption and consumer responses to the media. Juliana utilizes and specializes in a range of interpretive qualitative research.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2017
Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Commerce
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2010
Masters of Business (Marketing)
Institution RMIT Melbourne
Year awarded 2002
Post Graduate in Business Systems
Institution RMIT Melbourne
Year awarded 2000

Areas of Expertise

1Consumer Behaviour
2Culture and consumption
3Interpretive qualitative research 


Subject CodeSubject
BEW4000Research Methodology 1
MKW1120Marketing Theory and Practice
MKW3301Service Marketing

Scholarly Journals

* Mahardika, H., French, J., & Sembada, A. (2018). Keep calm and eat satay: Indonesia's consumption-themed signals of defiance against terrorism. Australasian Marketing Journal, 26(3), 231- 238. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ausmj.2018.06.002
* Majid, A., Sinnathamby, S., French, J., & Bakar, S. (2015). Apostasy in Islam and identity cards in Malaysia. Common Law World Review, 298-316. doi: 10.1177/1473779515617112

Conference Proceedings

*French, J., Koh, S. G. M. & Liew, E. J. Y. (2018, November 10 - 11). Co-creation and well-being outcomes in healthcare. Paper presented at Korean Academy of Marketing Scholars, Seoul, South Korea. http://file.hanrimwon.com/ksms/ksms2018/proceedings.html
*French, J., Lee, C., & Brace-Govan, J. (2015, November 30- December 2). Muslim identity and symbolic boundaries in beauty discourses. Paper presented at ANZMAC Conference Sydney, Australia.  
*French, J., Lee, C. (2011, March 20-22). Deciphering self and identity through the consumption of make-up. Paper presented at Global Islamic Marketing Conference (GIMC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Local Grants

Title Beauty discourses and the Malay Muslim female consumer in Malaysia: A historical analysis (funded by eiHub Seed grant)
Investigators Juliana French
Funding Period Feb - October 2018
Funding Body/Organisation Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21)
Title Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities for Healthcare Analytics through Quality Use of Technology
Investigators Dr Ewilly Liew (PI)
Dr Sharon Koh
Dr Juliana French
Funding Period Nov 2016 - Oct 2018 
Funding Body/Organisation Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21)

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