Dr Stephanie Cheah


Department of Marketing

603 5514 4942
Room 6-5-45


Dr. Stephanie Cheah, formerly a student at Monash University Malaysia, joined the institution in March 2019 as Lecturer in the Department of Marketing. She was awarded a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) in Marketing (first class) and a PhD in Industrial Marketing at Monash University Malaysia. Over the years, she has witnessed change in the university as well as the department of Marketing. Being an educator and researcher early in her career, she is now eager to contribute and play a part upon returning to her alma mater.

Her passion for research is to unravel complex issues and present them in the simplest, yet meaningful form. Statistics have the power to present the most convincing story, but she is also compelled by the richness and depth of qualitative data; where a researcher needs to connect, disconnect, learn and unlearn the data, to be able to tell a comprehensive story. Therefore, she is drawn to qualitative research. Her research interests lie in the domains of business marketing, industrial networks and sustainability, particularly renewable energy.

In terms of teaching philosophy; to label students as intelligent and talented, inevitably, we as educators are subconsciously comparing them with one another. In so doing, we stifle the joy in learning. Having intelligence and talent can only bring one so far. Hard work and perseverance on the other hand, are important key criteria for one to possess to achieve one’s goal. Henceforth, when teaching, she places an emphasis on progress and growth, rather than grades. She strongly believes that knowledge empowers one individual to a great extent and hence, one should be grateful to have the ability to learn everyday.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2018
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2014
Bachelor of Business and Commerce
Institution Monash University
Year awarded 2013

Areas of Expertise

1 Business marketing management
2 Industrial networks
3 Marketing Strategy
4 Sustainability and renewable energy
5 Qualitative and case study research


Subject CodeSubject
MKW 1120 Marketing Theory and Practice
MKW 2500 Retail Marketing
MKW 2431 Business Marketing

Scholarly Journals

* Cheah, S.K.A., Yeow, P.H.P., Nair, S.R. & Tan, F.B. (2018) Behavioural modification framework to address wastage in household electricity consumption. Ergonomics, 61(5), 627-643.
* Lim, W.M., Ting, D.H. Shandy, A.M., Cheah S.K.A., Ooi, N.O. & Azlan, N.H. (2012). The State of Mind of Contemporary Male Gym-Goers: Goal, inspirations and motivations, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 11(3/4), 239-256.

Conference Proceedings

* Cheah, S.K.A., Low, B. & Yeow, P.H.P. (2017, 5th- 8th September). Legitimacy in Technology Sustainability: A Case of Semiconductor. Paper presented at IMP in Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
* Cheah, S.K.A., Yeow, P.H.P, Nair, S.R. & Tan, F.B. (2013 October). Preliminary Findings of Responsible Consumption of Household Electricity in Developing Country. Paper presented in International Conference on Frontiers of Environment, Energy and Bioscience (ICFEEB 2013) Beijing, China

Local Grants

Title Beauty discourses and the Malay Muslim female consumer in Malaysia: A historical analysis (funded by eiHub Seed grant)
Investigators Juliana French
Funding Period Feb - October 2018
Funding Body/Organisation Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21)
Title Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities for Healthcare Analytics through Quality Use of Technology
Investigators Dr Ewilly Liew (PI)
Dr Sharon Koh
Dr Juliana French
Funding Period Nov 2016 - Oct 2018 
Funding Body/Organisation Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21)

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