Business Law and Taxation

John Benson, Prof
Acting Head of Department,
Business Law and Taxation

Business law is a broad area of study. It covers, among other, aspects of the law of contract, business organizations, employment, the sale of goods, non-contractual liability, insurance, hire purchase and agency. It thus touches all aspects of business. So does taxation. The study of Business Law and Taxation equips the individual with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the business world whether in dealing with a corporation or a retailer.

The Department of Business Law and Taxation (“BLT”) is an integral part of the School of Business. It strives to be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in the teaching of and research in Business Law and Taxation.

BLT prides itself on providing our students with a valuable and enriching teaching-learning experience at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral. We do this by delivering instructions through a variety of effective interactive teaching methods. The teaching methods range from storytelling, the Socratic mode, case studies and on-line technologies. Our teaching methods are informed by our teachers’ research. As a result, the content of our courses incorporates current developments in the fields we teach. All this is done to engage both the attention and interest of the students. The current nature of content and examples drawn from the whole world makes our teaching relevant. We encourage our students to be active collaborators testing their ideas against both their teachers and their peers. Our teaching approaches encourage our students to be intellectual risk-takers, continuously contesting ideas and questioning conventional wisdom.

Through its course offerings BLT keeps students abreast of current issues affecting business. The courses also help students to develop a vocabulary specific to Business Law and Taxation. The content of the course and the interactive teaching methods help students hone higher order thinking skills valuable for making business decisions. . Study in BLT can lead to careers in consulting, risk management, accounting, human resource management, finance, marketing, and securities.

In addition to refining their teaching skills, the BLT’s academic staffs engage in quality research. The focus of their research may be local or cross-national.

Acting Head of DepartmentJohn Benson, Professor
B.A, Economics (Melbourne) ; M.A Economics (Melbourne) (UM); M. Edu (Monash); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension:(+603) 55146000 ext. 59622 (DID: 5515 9622).
CoordinatorThaatchaayini Kananatu, Dr
LL.B (Hons) (Wales); LL.M (UK); PhD (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 44450 (DID: +603 5514 4450) .
ProfessorJeyapalan Kasipillai, Professor
B.A. Economics (UM); MBA (Stirling); PhD (UNE); FTII; FCIS; ICA
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext. 46283 (DID: 5514 6283)
Adjunct Professor Veerinderjeet Singh, Dr
BA (Hons) (UM); PhD (UPM)
Phone Extension: (+603) 2032 2799
Adjunct Shanthy Rachagan, Associate Prof
LL.B (Hons) (London); CLP (Hons) (UM); LL.M (UM); MBA (Brunel); PhD (Monash); Advocate and Solicitor (High Court of Malaya)
 Abdul Majid, Dr
BA (Hons); MA (UM); PhD (Toledo); LLB (Hon) (London;, MCL (IIU), CLP (Hons); Advocate and Solicitor (High Court of Malaya)
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext: 46170 (DID : 5514 6170) .
 Adnan Trakic, Dr
Phone Extension: (+603) 55146000 ext: 46383 (DID : 5514 6383) .
 Gan Joo Ee, Dr
LL.B (Hons) (London); LL.M (Cantab); PhD; CLP
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 46381 (DID: +603 5514 6381) .
 Loganathan Krishnan, Dr
LL.B (Hons) (London); LL.M (UM); GCTT (Curtin); PhD (UM)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 46391 (DID: +603 5514 6391) .
 Priya Sharma
LL.B (Hons) (London); LL.M;CLP (UM); Advocate and Solicitor (High Court of Malaya) ; Pg Dip (BusCom) (Monash)
Phone Extension: (+603) 5514 6000 ext: 44941 (DID: +603 5514 4941)