How To Apply – NCI/VOL

How to Apply: Non-credit Internships / Volunteer

Applying for a non-credit internship or volunteer work is recommended to round out your experience as a student. The five steps listed below get you started on registering your internship/volunteer work and ensure you submit all required documents to receive your Completion Certificate from SOB.

1. Check your eligibility

To register your internship/volunteerism, you must be:

  • Intending to pursue an internship/volunteerism in the next semester/summer break
    currently pursuing an internship/volunteerism.
    You cannot register your internship or volunteerism after you complete your placement.
  • Undertaking an internship or volunteer work for a minimum of 2 months.

2. Request a University Letter

Your University Letter (Student Confirmation Letter) will be issued if the organisation you have applied to requests the University to confirm your status as an enrolled student. This letter is issued to School of Business students only.

Submit your request for a University Letter here

3. Secure an internship offer

You must first secure an internship offer letter (or volunteerism offer letter) with an employer/ organisation before completing the InPlace registration form. Please proceed to Step 4 only when you have secured an internship offer letter.

4. Complete the InPlace registration form before your placement ends

You may now register your non-credit internship registration at InPlace. If you’re having trouble accessing InPlace, check out this helpful guide here.

5. Complete the placement evaluations

You must complete two evaluation forms as you near the end of your internship or volunteerism. The forms are not graded, but they must be submitted to receive the completion certificate.

If you have successfully registered your internship or volunteerism, you will be emailed the following forms for submission:

1. Intern Feedback Report – completed by you as the intern/volunteer.

2. Employer Evaluation Report – completed by your direct supervisor at the organisation you are interning/volunteering with.