Winter Units

BTW2320 - Current issues in corporate governance (T2-58 2021) [Handbook]

The unit will explore current corporate governance issues in Malaysia and selected Asian developing countries and will involve a comparative study of how developed jurisdictions (Australia, UK, US and Singapore) have resolved these issues. The focus is on issues the role of the board of directors, auditors, shareholders and whistleblowers. The unit will highlight problems and resolutions to improve corporate governance in Malaysia.

MGW2991- Leadership in Asia (Winter 2021) [Handbook]

This unit covers an overall introduction to leadership with an emphasis on the Asian context. It covers relevant theoretical concepts as well as the practical, skill building approaches and learning drawn from actual experiences of organisational leaders. Specifically the unit begins by introducing definitions, meaning and relevance of leadership in organisations, followed by various theoretical approaches to leadership, the individual and internal (such as personality) and external (such as culture) elements of a leader, and concludes with the ways to develop effective communication and soft skills necessary in building leadership abilities. All of the topics will adopt an Asian perspective and consider the dynamic driving the environmental contexts within Asia.