Research Seminar Series No. 2

Research Seminar Poster Presentation

Honours degree of Bachelor of Business and Commerce / Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

18 March 2015, Friday

TimePresentation TitleSupervisor(s)PresenterVenue
10.30am Housing Bubble, Affordability and Credit Risk to Banks: A Malaysian Perspective

Dr Jothee Sinnakannu & Dr Sockalingam

Department of Accounting & Finance

Alex Lee Kae Lun

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

Meeting Room 2

(Room# 6-5-36)


Well-being of students and academic performance:

A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Professor Eduard Bomhoff & Dr Grace Lee

Department of Economics

Chun Min Soo

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

11.30am Semiotic analysis of projected identities within Marketing Communications

Professor Christina Lee Kwai Choy

Department of Marketing

Hoh Ming Zhe

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

Presentation Format:

  • Student's presentation - 20 minutes
  • Q&A session – approx. 10 minutes, after each presentation