Research Seminar Series No.4

Research Seminar Poster Presentation

Honours degree  of Bachelor of Business and Commerce / Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

18 March 2016, Friday

TimePresentation TitleSupervisor(s)PresenterVenue
2.00pm Social ties and Subjective well-being- among university students - the case of a private university

Dr Jason Ng & Assoc Prof Santha Vaithilingam

Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics

Hwang Li- Ann

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

Meeting Room 2

(Room# 6-5-36)


Crude oil, gold price and inflation

Dr Poon Wai Ching & Dr Gary Rangel

Department of Economics

Saw Yeong Hoong

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

3.00pm Factors Affecting The Demand for Air Travel: The role of Aviation Disasters in East Asia and Pacific region.

Dr Poon Wai Ching & Dr Gary Rangel

Department of Economics

Tang Kee Chong

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

3.30pm Disaster Management: Japan Tourism Recovery Strategies Post Great East Japan Earthquake

Dr Elaine Chew

Department of Management

Kwok Onn Jui, Andrei

Student, PG Dip Bus Com

Presentation Format:

  • Student's presentation - 20 minutes
  • Q&A session – approx. 10 minutes, after each presentation