Research Seminar Series No.5

Research Seminar Poster Presentation

Honours degree of Bachelor of Business and Commerce / Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

11 August, 2016, Thursday

TimePresentation TitleSupervisor(s)PresenterVenue
10.00am Modelling and Forecasting Volatility of Energy Commodity Prices

Dr Akram Hassanov

Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics

Puteri Zahrah Aminah

Student, BBusCom(Hons)




"Audit Firm Reputation, Company Reputation and Audit Quality".

Dr Foo Yee Boon

Department of Accounting

Lim Wen Ting

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

11.00am "How Socioeconomic Status(SES) would affect financial decision making."

Assoc Prof Alexandre Rene Schaefer & Dr Poon Wai Ching

Department of Management

Stephen Blaze

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

11.30am Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace : A study on migrant workers

Dr Manjit Singh & Dr Fandy Tjiptono

Department of Management

Sevika Varden

Student, PG Dip Bus Com

2.00pm Income Inequality, Poverty, Economic Growth and Institutional Quality: Examining in Linkages for China

Dr Shariar Kabir & Assoc Prof Grace Lee

Department of Economics

Lim Kin Soon

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

2.30pm "Does FDI affect Poverty and Income inequality: The role of Institutional Quality."

Dr Audrey Siah & Assoc Prof Grace Lee

Department of Economics

Zau Pek Ying

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

3.00pm Firm Survival In The Premier League: What Does It Take To Stay In The English Top Flight?

Dr Luc Borrowman & Dr Lionel Frost

Department of Economics

Jeffrey Chang Mun Yee

Student, BBusCom(Hons)

Presentation Format:

  • Student's presentation - 20 minutes
  • Q&A session – approx. 10 minutes, after each presentation