Summer School

Adding a summer unit to your timetable allows you to build more into your degree, to catch up on credit points or accelerate your studies to graduate ahead of schedule.

Undergraduate options

To be eligible for a summer unit, you need to have an active enrolment in an undergraduate degree and at least one year of university study under your belt (that’s 48 credit points, or the units completed in one calendar year).

Postgraduate options

To be eligible for a summer unit, you need to have at least one semester of postgraduate study completed, and have satisfactory academic progress in your previous year of study.. As a graduate student, you can only be approved for a maximum of one unit per teaching period (that’s one summer A and one summer B).  Please note that International study programs may have other hurdle requirements.

Monash Student?

Visit your School's Course Management Office before enrolling in a summer unit, to make sure it’s the best option for you.

Not a Monash student?

You can still apply for one of our summer school units – either on a non-award, full-fee paying basis, or as a cross-institutional study unit (with approval from your home university).