There are two assessment components to the WPP; employer assessment and academic assessment. 

  1. Employer assessment amounts to 30% of the total mark. The employer will assess the student’s performance in the role and duties assigned to them. An assessment sheet will be provided by the Education Office. 
  2. Academic assessment amounts to the remaining 70% of the total mark. After completing the Work Placement, students have four weeks to submit a Work Placement report (7,000-word) to the Campus WPP Coordinator. Due to the flexible nature of the WPP, it is not possible to specifically define the exact nature and format of this report. However as a broad structure for the assessment, the report should:
  • Focus on the actual practices of an organisation and compared with theories learned from your course. This ensures that the student consciously examines and integrates theories learnt with real world practices.
  • This comparison offers two outcomes;
  1. Practice and theory are aligned. This is a positive outcome for it shows that the firms practices are consistent with cutting-edge theory. Such information will be important to the report because it reinforces the firms current practices; or 
  2. Practice and theory are not aligned. You should address the question of ‘Why it is not aligned?’ Is the theory learned not realistic, or is the firm not following cutting-edge theory? In either case, this finding is very important for both the firm and the University, and will be a vital part of the report.
  • IMPORTANT: Students are urged to consult the WPP coordinator or any other academic staff in preparing the report and receiving feedback on drafts before submission.