Prerequisites and criteria

In order to be eligible for the Work Placement Program, students must:

• complete their first two years of study (e.g. 96 credit points or 16 units), and;

• have an overall average of 65% for all units undertaken (WAM score of 65% or more).

These prerequisites do more than merely ensure students have the necessary foundation to effectively undertake their placementEnsuring that students are generally within a year of graduation maximises the potential for the placements to evolve into  graduate employment opportunities; an important criterion used by prospective students in selecting their university. And, WPP students are also required to have  certain grade average to  uphold a positive perception of Monash graduates.

Time commitment

A time commitment of 40 days full-time employment (Eight weeks full-time employment).  WPP may be undertaken over the summer break or  either the first or second semester of the academic year. However, students are strongly encouraged to take the summer semester option, as time commitment and part-time employment, or lack thereof, are impediments to undertaking placements during a full semester.