Entrepreneurial Skills Series | Ideation (S1/2021)

As part of initiatives to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset culture at Monash University Malaysia, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (eiHub) recently launched its Entrepreneurial Skills Series. Made up of 5 Modules, this program was designed to offer students opportunities to enrich and expand their knowledge to entrepreneurial fundamentals within an experiential learning setting.

The series started with the module on Ideation, introducing concepts, processes, and popular ideation tools in entrepreneurship. Participants, coming from different academic disciplines and backgrounds, joined the session to explore the power of ideas, and gain a basic understanding of the drivers behind the creative process and develop essential ideation skills.

Engaged in lively discussions, participants were provoked to think out of their usual thought-processes and challenged to practise and apply divergent and creative thinking methods.

The 2-hour online session ended on a positive note, acquainted with new tools and skills, for some participants, gaining a new perspective to the term ideation, and for others, inspiration to kickstart their entrepreneurial endeavours.