Entrepreneurship Speaker Series | Jey Bala

As part of our efforts to address contemporary challenges as well as foster learning on all aspects of innovative entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (eiHub) invited Jey Bala, Head of Education, Me.reka Innovative Education Sdn Bhd, an alternative education space that aims to teach the skills of the future, in order to build a talent pool that is resourceful, engaged and informed.

Me.reka is part of Biji-biji initiative, a social enterprise devoted to inspiring and sharing social innovations towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Providing educational alternatives ingrained with principles the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Me.reka teaches and prepares youths and changemakers to meet the demands and opportunities of the 21st century.

Jey drew students’ and staff attention to factors that distinguish between regular enterprises, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations. He also shared insights to the different business models developed and practised by social enterprises around the world.

The takeaway for the audience was how one could be involved in changing people’s mindset and behaviour towards sustainable production and consumption, solving contemporary challenges and tackling societal issues.


Jey Bala